Training dilemma

Interested in peoples views on the pro's and con's of my current training schedule. Monday to friday I am fitting training into my commute. This means:-
Start of day:
Home to station - 4 mile run
Train to London
Station to Work - 4 mile run
End of day: reverse the above.

Additionally, I'm running with a club 2 evenings a week (circa 6 miles on each occasion), and a longish run at the weekend.

I feel ultra fit, but am concerned that all these short bursts of energy are developing the wrong sort of muscle fibre... any thoughts? Do I need to change this routine?


  • You need to add some threshold, fartlek or hill work into your routine somewhere.

    This is mine however times & distances vary:
    Monday- x-train, 3 mile recovery run or rest day,
    Tuesday- Threshold, 1 mile jog , 2x 8 mins @ 80-85% max, 1 mile jog
    Wednesday- 6miles @60-65% with 15mins @70-75% mid run
    Thursday- fartlek pyramid, 1 mile jog, 10 secs @90% of max, 2 min recovery jog, 20 secs@90% of max then 2 min recovery jog, 30 seconds @ 905 of max thhen 30, 20, 10 seconds with 2 mins recovery jog
    Friday- Hill session. 3x 8 mins hill running @80-85% of max with 5 mins recovery between
    Saturday- REST
    Sunday -Long run 9 miles or 1hr15 @60-65% with 15 mins @70-75% mid run.

    Hope this is of help to you.Some people will agerr with this some will not. Training depends on the amount of time you have available. I train every morning from 06.15am for up to 2 hours.
  • Sorry to interrupt but is that 80-85% of your max heart rate?
    Just interested as I ran 11 miles yesterday and my heart rate stayed at between 80 and 90% (a bit higher when going up a hill) and it was meant to be a slow run.
  • Yep, 80-85% of your maximum heart rate.

    How long did your run take you? I ran 9 miles yesterday in 1hr18. But & i stayed @ 65%ish (165-170 bpm)all exept 15mins mid run where I incerased the tempo (185-195bpm)
  • Nothing will get my HR up to 185! Reckon I would be dead if it did! Or maybe I am not trying hard enough?
  • It took me 2 hours (yes, very slow) but I live in an undulating area.
    It felt like I was running very slow (if I was to run any slower I'd be walking).
    Maybe I have miscalculated my maximum or something?
  • Lucy that is not very slow. I run that pace for my slow runs too!! and my HR is around 150 for that pace
  • Oh ok. I was just concerned that my heart rate seemed high for a long slow run.
  • I often wonder about the same thing which is why I dont wear one I go on how I am feeling. Sometimes I feel like I am not working hard so I will check my HR manually and it is showing that I am and at other times it can be the reverse I feel like I am killing myself but my HR is only 140!!

    So now I only take it if I really feel like it, just for interest sake rather than to beat myself up over!
  • 2 hours at 80 to 90% is pretty tough going. That would be 1/2M race pace so if it didn't feel tough then your MHR is wrong.

    DB - that's a pretty complex training plan you've got there...

    Personally I'd ditch the speed stuff until you've got the miles (depending upon experience, certainly if it was your first).

    p.s. you're more likely to get a better answer on the training section.
  • Oh ok, thanks for the advice.
    I have found that a HR monitor is really helpful as in the past I have started my run too quickly then struggled at the end. The HR monitor ensures that I keep an even slow pace to get me round :)
  • Thanks Count.
    Yes it did feel tough at times whereby I had to slow right down to nearly walking pace.
    Maybe my max is wrong - I used the calculation advised in the HR monitor booklet to start with, then I changed it according to an article in Runners World (I can't remember the calculation). Maybe I need to do the 'run 3 mins as fast as you can, etc' to get the real max HR.
  • Progerssion is the key. So many people want to go & RUN 26.2 miles. If you are realistic you will not run all 26.2 miles even at a slower pace. However if you put in some hill work for endurance & threshold for pace & to max out your heart rate twice a week your long weekend runs will naturally increase without you realising.

    Please dont take this the wrong way, but'plodding' when running is thankless & you will become demoralised, add some extra things into your schedule & watch yourself improve.
  • Rocks

    Depends how long your longish run is but you can do as many 4 mile runs as you want, they're not going to help your endurance much.
    Any chance to could run to a station further away from home, or further away from your London station in the evening, or jump off the train before you get to London/Home?
  • Not a base runner then lol.

    So many different theories...but increasing mileage and doing speedwork is not a good plan IMHO.

    Why not run 26.2? I've only ever walked water stations in races.
  • Thanks.
    I run 4 times a week - 1 long, 2 which are both around 6 miles each at the moment (1 at recovery pace, 1 at a faster pace) then 1 session of either fartlek or hills and fartlek combined.
  • Um no not a base runner....
    I agree, so many different theories, rules etc.
    Maybe I should have rephrased not running 26.2 miles to may not run 26.2 miles. My use of bad english. I appologise
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