Burn Out

Never run a marathon before, but always been fit and healthy, used to be a competitive swimmer and keen gym goer and am only 19 so full of life and plenty of time to rest and train.

Anway was at the pub last night talking to one of my mates, who also happens to be training for the London Marathon, I was telling him about my training recently. Last week I did almost 40 miles, including an 18miler slow, 10 miler steady, 3miles real slow and 6 miles at a tempo pace. Also did a yoga class. My friend said I would butrn out at this rate (and so does my girlfriend, but I think just worries too much) Although this was my hardest week yet I've been training at around this intensity for a little while I feel totally fine within myself.

I'm aiming for about a 3h30 in the marathon.

What you guys think am I doing to much for my first time

Cheers guys



  • Sounds fine to me...have a look at what some of the guys on training are putting in or on tri.

    If you're happy with that amount then you'll be fine. Just rest when you need to.

    People not used to training sometimes find it difficult to understand that doing 10+ Hrs training is fine.
  • As the count said if youre happy then ok, but listen to your friends concerns but more importantly listen to your body. Maybe you need to have a easier week this week!
  • 40 miles is a decent amount of miles, but not a lot.

    However if you've jumped into this really quickly then it may cause you problems. A step back week in every four would help.
  • If 3:30 is your aim, have a look on the sub 3:30 thread and see how what you are doing compares to others with similar aims.
    18 mile run already is good going.
    Good luck!
  • sounds OK.
    i was regularly doing 70mpw last yr (age 21).
    if you are getting injured or achey, _then_ worry, and don't up mileage by more than 10%/week.
  • Yeah that's what I like to here, I mean if I do feel tired then I'm gonna have to rest a bit, you can't go out and run 12miles or so if you feel knackered all the time. Been taking every fourth week a bit easy as well, find a lot plans suggests that, not that i stick to a certain plan, try and do my own thing really.

    What's the would be a max milage in a week (roughly) for a guy who's never done this before, and say longest run i should do

  • 22 miles or 3 hours for longest.

    Mileage, well increase safely and as necessary but you can go as far as you want.
  • Current averaging 75mpw aged 49.

    But you do need to build up slowly to avoid injury.

    Worst I've had is tripping over on a kerb and bruising a rib.
  • Wow massive mileage, I wish my dad was fit like that, he's your age. So the mileage i'm doing isn't a problem at all as long as i keep building it up slowly as i have been
  • the 4 days you are running look like good training but 4 me I need to do 6days a week
    ok this might not be possable 4 you but you are getting in the Long run with some speed work these are the main ingrediants for a marathon just keep adding a bit per week but dont go over 20 for your long run
    make sure you have some good running shoes change mine every 8-10weeks approx 50-60miles/week
  • Outsiders never understand what doing too much means. My sports massage guy doesn't see why anyone needs to run more than 30mpw for anything.

    On what medical or physiological basis does your friend predict burnout?
  • Just told him I'd done a 40 mile week, he did the marathon last year and training again, since he is one of the only people I actually know who's done it I kinda value his opinion, I just wanted to see what others thought

    He knows I've been running a lot and I guess he thinks I'm just doing too much, or that I'm gonna beat his time!!!

  • BR how many 20+ runs do you do before a marathon and what is the your longest run?

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