Brooks to Asics

Anyone switched from Brooks Adrenaline to Asics 2100? Thinking of trying the Asics for a change.


  • I wouldn't swap my brooks for all the tea in China - or the ability to run faster!

    My OH swapped from Saucony to Asics and had problems with his achilles.
  • I've gone the other way - Asics to Brooks Adrenaline 6 - and wouldn't swap back for two pairs, as Danny Baker (almost) used to say about Daz powder!
  • Interesting. I've got some Adrenaline GTS 6, and a pair of Kayanos, and I think I like the Brooks better, but I've only done 15 miles so far in the Kayanos.
  • Sounds like th Brooks then. I suppose if I'm doing high mileage I should stock with what I'm used to to avoid injury. Maybe if I can get a sale pair of the Asics sometime, I could try both!!
  • Has anyone bought running shoes from ebay, from the States? I've found some GTS 5 for £25 rather than £63 if I buy them in the UK. Not sure whether to risk it.
  • Have recently went from long term Asics use(Kayanos and 2100) to GTS-5 and they are both great shoes.

    I like the Brooks shoes as they were very comfortable straight from the box and over the miles.

    Asics (esp Kayano) always need a good few runs to bed in and then end up eventually being comfortable.

    Haven't tried the new GTS-6
  • Neil - interested in your comments about the Kayanos. How many miles would you say they need to bed in?
  • another vote for the brooks.
    used kayanos but they did take some bedding in. also gave blisters now and again.
    swapped to the GTS-5 did a ten miler straight from the box because they felt so good. am now on my second pair, will be ordering the GTS-6 shortly.
  • Thanks everyone, I've decided to stick to the Brooks and I've just ordered some GTS 6 from treadbear, cheapest I could find (the postage on the ebay ones was huge!). Will be interesting to see if the changes are noticeable.
  • Got the new GTS 6 today, can't wait to try them out (although my next run is a long one, so maybe I should wait until a shorter one to wear new shoes). Always found Brooks to be fine straight out of the box though.
  • Used Brooks Vapours for a year on recommendation of specialist running shop. Switched to Kayanos because they are "the best" according to all the reviews. Had no end of injuries - mainly achilles.
    Switched back to Brooks - Adreneline GTS 6 this time and things are much much better.
    Shoes are very individual.

  • As per my post on the thread 'cheap asics 2100's', I am flying the flag for these babys. Saucouny hurricaines caused much blisterage on my foot arches... I can therefore at this point also put my pennath in re compeed plasters - I don't care what they say, they don't always stick!!

    I was recommended 2100s after running in them on a treadmill amongst others. brooks adrenaline came a close second, if i start to get problems with the asics, I would look to brooks.

    deffo agree re shoes being individual.

  • Tried the GTS 6 this morning and as usual with Brooks they're fine straight out of the box.

    Agree about the compeed plasters, they stick to your socks or slide around, completely useless whilst running!
  • I switched Asics 2100 to Brooks adrenaline too. Feels so much better for me. I tried on a whole heap of shoes in the shop as I'd always worn Asics and although I was keen to stick with them the Brooks was a better fit.
    I paid £75 for them, compared with £80 for the Asics.
  • I trained for and ran the NY marathon last year in Brooks GTS5. They were great - very supportive.

    For FLM this year decided to splash out on a pair of Kayano XII's. Have been out in them a number times and find them amazingly comfortable - although maybe not quite as supportive as the GTS5. The Asics also gave me a blister on one of my heels as I was breaking them in, but that has gone now and I am alternating between the GTS5 and Kayanos for my training. I expect that as long as the blister problem stays away I will prefer to run in the asics as they are so comfy.

    On the subject of compeed plasters - I've found them great and the only way to keep running when you get effing blisters
  • Compeed - I hold them in place with micropore surgical tape wrapped all the way round the foot. Sorted.
  • Good idea, I have found that using them when not running does actually make the blister go away more quickly. Haven't had blisters for ages though, touch wood.
  • Greg W
    Meant to reply sooner re Kayano. Always have to wear Compeed plasters to protect my insteps, otherwise they cut. Usually soften after 4-5 runs of 8-10km. Have also changed the insoles for some cheaper lower ones in the past. Once they are broken in, they are comfy!

    Recently bought another pair of Kayano's from EBay and didn't read the size when I bid for them. Hence have a pair of UK size 12's (US 13) sitting gathering dust!
  • NG - done 40k in my Kayanos now and they feel good now. Think I still prefer the support the Adrenaline give though.

    Can'f hrlp with the size 12s...
  • I've just gone from GTS5's to 6's and they feel pretty much the same - the BEST shoe in the world ever!!!
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