3 months out injured. 3 months to get fit.

Just back from 3 months out with a knee problem. (Tight Ilitobial band pulling the knee cap out of position - cured by lots of physio & pilates to correct the movemnet of the leg through the stride).

Running again now & building up the length of the runs slowly but surely with no problems.

Have got literally 3 months to get ready for the FLM. So is sub 3 still a possibilty?

Best so far was a 3-06, (ran with a cold in that rainy event of 2004). & a 3-36 which I gained off a 5 week training plan in 2003, (lots of quality sessions - much debated at the time on the forum; did make me raise an eyebrow when RW came out with a similar 6 week plan later on).

Confident that I can get fit, but is it enough time to really get race shape & still build up the long run mileage needed?


  • Take it slowly and see how you go.Sounds like you had a good fitness base pre injury so maybe O.K. You also need to be sure that you have sorted the problem which caused the ITBS or you may face injury again.
    Sub 3 is a real landmark. I hit 3.06 in 2004 but unfortunately went a bit backwards last year at 3.10. Probably an age thing for me now though.
  • hello Chappers. I suffered from itb and a slightly tricky back all last year. I have a place for FLM - a slow and amateur 4.30, but I haven't even started training this year. I also ran in the rainy 2004 but haven't done consistent training since. Do you think I should just forget it and try a couple of halves to get my motivation going again? The freezing weather is also getting me down...
  • I have run a 3.06 five weeks after running a 3.06, and still haven't cracked 3 hours, a year later with no injuries.

    Best to date 3.01. I have learned that going the extra mile from a 3.06 to a 3.00 is a big step up in class, much more difficult than I ever expected.

    I suggest a slow easy one and don't push yourself. Enjoy the day, and regroup for next year.

    Better to be running crap than not at all.
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