Training plans

This is the first time that i am doing the FLM and am following the 'real world' training plan in the acceptence magazine from FLM. Did anyone use this last year and feel that they did enough training to get round?

In comparision to other plans that i have looked at, it seems that the easy, steady fartlek & threshold runs are extremly short. Does anyone else think so?


  • It is my first marathon too, and I'm following the same plan. It seems to have all the same elements as other plans (fartlek, threshold and long runs), but it looks a lot less complicated than others. The runs do seem shorter than in other plans, but from what I've heard it's the distance of the long runs that is most important, and fartlek runs as part of training can really help stamina.
  • Overall the plans are good - but not done for specific individuals of a specific age, gender or level of fitness. For my first FLM I used a "beginners" plan as just wanted to get round and be able to walk the next day. I too thought it a bit easy so if I had spare energy would cross-train - in the gym or swimming - to increase overall fitness. As the longer runs got longer the less "easy" I felt it was. I did achieve the distance and managed to walk the next day.

    Good luck anyway
  • Thanks guys for your replies, am going to do some extra work in the gym if i feel ok! Trained to run the FLM last year and think i over trained and as a result got injured and was struck down by a really bad ear infection/mumps the week before so i couldn't do it...was so gutted. Am being so carefull this year to actually make it to the start line!!!
  • trouble is with running a marathon you dont tend to find what best suits you till you have done one
    all we can do is help each other out with info and pick out the bits you think will help you most
    have found though and this has been advise from almost everyone the long run (endurance building) and a good speed session (seems to make the other runs seem slower)are a must
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