Alchemy5 is the new wave legend III!

Personally I dislike it when manufacturers change a shoe for no apparent reason but this one seems OK to me. What do you think? Only slight difference I've noticed is that the toe box seems slightly more roomy.


  • I agree Jiggi. Love the legend III. Gutted I cannot get another pair of size 8's.

    Is the Alchemy 5 the same weight?
  • I'm sorry you get frustrated but there was good reason for changing back to Alchemy from Legend. Globally we were running both Alchemy and Legend which were doing basically the same job at the same price although the Legend was a more traditional 'rigid' control shoe. For the AW2005 season we wanted to combine the both in an overall better package so we basically upgraded the Alchemy we were still running in the States and dropped the Legend.
    We don't feel that Motion Control shoes need to be rigid and uncompromising, hence the fact we haven't used medial 2nd densities since the nineties, and therefore we wanted to make a Motion Control shoe at the key price point that gave the control required but retained the flexible and smooth ride you could expect from any other shoe in the collection.

    That's where Alchemy 5 came from, hopefully we are delivering as much Motion Control as you need but applying the SmoothRide concept so the shoe doesn't have that old fashioned rigid Motion Control feel about it.

    Hope that clears it up for you...?

  • Oooo er! I should say so MR! Thank you!
    There is no question that the Alchemy 5 is a great shoe.It's just that the Legend III helped to sort out my ITB and shin splints so I have a natural reluctance to change.
    It's reasuring to know that it's basically the same shoe.
    RD weight seems pretty much the same.It certainly doesn't feel any heavier.
  • Just ordered my Alchemy5's online. That will ding dang do for me.
  • RD
    Love to know what you think of them.
  • This is very useful. I too am a Legend fan, and have a couple of pairs waiting for me to use them, knowing that they were no longer available. I'm looking forward to trying out the Alchemy 5 now.

    I wonder ... how durable do people think the Legend has been? I felt that the two pairs that I have used already didn't last that long. Maybe I am just running too much?!

    Will Alchemy 5 show similar wear characteristics, or will they be a little longer lasting?
  • I recently bought a pair of Alchemy5 to replace my worn out Wave Legends and love them.

    I do find, however, that the rough stitching of the material tends to cause some blisters along the inner of my foot.
  • Further to my last message, I had a good look at my new Alchemy 5s and noticed that the removable innersole is much narrower than that of other Mizuno trainers, so they don't cover the rough stitching.

    That's what was causing the chafing and blistering. I replaced the innersole with the old ones and it seems to have made a difference.

    I'm surprised about this. Did nobody at Mizuno check to see what would be consequences of a narrower innersole?
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