And this forum nearly never existed

Considering this forum nearly didn't get set up its not doing that badly is it. We'll catch General up in no time


  • Yeah where else would yo get stories about the black toenail?
  • When you say gooky?
  • Perhaps this form should have a catchier name? Like ... Down The Pub?
  • Barkles me old mucker! I thought you were on hols?!
  • Call me a conspiracy theorist but I think RW have set out to dilute the dominance of the URWFRC on the new site. Why else have they taken Events and made it a separate forum. That used to be a big part of this forum.
    Personally I think there are too many forums now, it takes too long to check them all. And another thing! Even after a few weeks, I find new format squashed in between 2 columns either side much less easy on the eye. Also, miss threaded conversations.
    Anyone else feel the same? (God, what an old stick in the mud I sound!)
  • Laura... I agree, although I am adjusting gradually! I think Snoop is the worst affected out of the lot of us! The Events page just makes this one a little more social I reckon.

    Barkles... Just realised there's a thread entitled I'm back from Euro Disney... Ignore previous message!
  • Who's this General??
  • General page...he fought in the Crimea!

    God I'm going mad
  • LL I completely agree, but I am sick of saying to RW I don't like the format. I think they have got tired of listening to me.
  • Totally unrelated... I got my new DS Trainers just now... I look like TOny the Tiger now!
  • Are they the ones with the 'glitter' on the sides. I refused to buy them 'cos of that!!

    Makes you look a little like a girlie!!!

    ..on the other hand, maybe you're OK with that!! ;-)
  • I'm in touch with my feminine side! Wanna go for a drink later?!!!! ;-)
  • Hang on chaps. I've just bought a pair of said daps and I did'n't think it would result in awakening an interest in transvestiscism.
    They do look a little 'precious' I have to admit.
  • Its along story Barkles but these two have been going a bit strange since you've been away. Hope you had a good time BTW
  • Its love isn't it RB!!!
    I am of course joking! Anyway kids, I'm orf home now (half day friday!!!)

    See you next week!!!
  • Phew!! Thank God for that.

    It was looking a bit dodgy there for a while!!
  • LL, agree with you there; it takes for ever, not helped by only 10 messages per page specially as without the threaded messages I tend to get lost in the middle of some conversations.
  • To all those who are moaning about treaded messages etc.

    I AGREE, trying to move through the forums is so painful by comparison to the previous site, bring the treads back! The whole concept of only allowing 10 posts per page is also a little mean since the chances are I will only check the first page out, having a user configurable page display would not be difficult.

    Anyway enough of that for now...

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