Forfar multi terrain half marathon?

Hi there,
has anyone done this before? I am feeling very tempted - just not quite sure due to the comments on the entry form. "Arduous terrain; not for novices; bring food rations and a map". Actually sounds really good, but also a little bit as if one might get lost in the middle of the wilderness and potentially get eaten by a bear. Wouldn't exactly call myself a novice with various half-marathons and a marathon under my belt, but somehow it sounds a bit scary (which, on the other hand, is exactly the attraction). Anyone with any experience of previous events or knowledge of the route??? Thanks!


  • Food rations means wan plen bridie wee ingins and a flakey yin wee oot. Dont worry about getting lost in a wilderness there are plenty of local people as the league of gentlemen would say to help you out in Forfar!!!!!
  • Hi ursula this is the first time for this race and it looks good.Yes watch out for bears in forfar big and love to eat runners.I`m thinking of going to this race so let me know if your doing it.
  • Hi Folks,

    I have signed up for this. The route is mostly gently undulating on roads/tracks, BUT there is a 100m climb (path) at about mile 10. I had a look yesterday ..doesn' t look hideously steep, and you get a great view of the Angus Glens at the top!
  • Ursula good luck with this race. Have seen the entry form and its the bit about crossing of roads that caught my eye. Not planning to do this.
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