Rampant Ribbit Rhetoric

Morning, is it? Dunno me head is still in yesterday.......ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz


  • morning!
  • mornin peedee & bear
  • 'lo Heebs!
  • sorry....

    misread the title

  • [slaps Bobs for being smutty!]
  • At least someone got it! ;o)
  • peers in
  • morning all
  • I'm actually sticking to my plan to have an easyer recovery week this week and will have a 2nd day off tomorrow

    went swimming last night and just did half the session, did -

    1 x 1000m warm up (about 19mins)
    10 x 50m kick
    7 x 200 hard

    spinning session today and maybe a short run
  • morning all

    why are duvets so warm and snugglie, especially on the mornings you have to leave them to get ready for work??????????
  • morning

    anybody knows how Spans got on with eye specialist/ surgeon?
  • croc if I remember rightly Spans posted after her appointment on FFF yesterday.

  • End of yesterdays thread Croc.
  • ah just read it....will have to cross fingers and believe in the ability of the body to heal
  • off to work, and in the rain too :o(

    see you all later xxxxxxx
  • laters Princess
  • morning!

    got up at 6 for my pre-race run and then went back to bed as i am off today... have only just re-woken up... whoops!!

    Thanks for your kind words guys, the body is an amazing thing so I am holding out for it to do it's stuff, but if I do keep walking into things at least I have an excuse!!!
  • Spans I have my tae kwon do sparing equipment that I do not use anymore...it is a very good protection against walking into things and is in good nick.....I'll sell it to you for £20 (worth £90 at least)
  • LOL croc, thanks for the offer but after playing rugby for too many years my body is quite good at taking the knocks!!

    how come when you have a day off you always end up rushing around... need to be dressed in 15mins to walk to the hairdressers for 10 and then having coffee with a friend before coming back to drive to devon... oh and I think that i am meant to pack before then!!!
  • ooooohhhh what hair doo are you gonna get?
  • urm nothing special just a cut... but then as i only seem to get round to cutting my hair every 6 months or so I guess it will be special!!
  • hee hee you are like me...I cannae be bothered with going to the hairdresser...too much faff when I could be out on me bike
  • yep and besides it spends so much time tied up that i never see it!!
  • read that as

    'i spends so much time being tied up'

  • hhhmmmm think that tells a lot about your frame of mind Will!
  • Morning :o)

    have to pick up my car from the garage soon (failed it's mot and had to have work done) so I'm going to kill two birds with one stone and r*n down there < polishes halo >
  • Ello <waves> today is my rest day :P
  • very good Fraggle....I hope the bill is not too bad

    can nae be bothered today
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