Rampant Ribbit Rhetoric



  • well done pix and that is great news. so are you going back to see the fizz next week?

    change shoes every 100miles? yeah i can see that and don't feel taht money would be an issue to achive it...
    <spans nearly wets herself laughing!>
  • Had a good session at the gym at lunch time – updated by iPod before I went with some fast tunes with predominant beats and did

    - 5 mins on Random easy level
    - 10 mins on Random at harder levels
    - 35 mins at a constant 70%MHR – RPM range 100-140 depending on track
    - 5 mins 1 leg drills – 30 secs per leg
    - 1 min at 120 RPM
    - 1 min at 110 RPM
    - 1 min at 100 RPM
    - 1 min at 90 RPM
    - 1 min at 80 RPM

  • Hello peeps :o)

    Croc, go and see a proper doc and take a specimen of the offending substance with you.

    I have been a Very Good Dinosaur and not abused the log-in of the rightful owner of the room I'm occupying this afternoon despite overwhelming temptation.

    Change running shoes every 100 miles? Sounds like someone has spotted a business opportunity. Or else they left a zero off the end. I suppose it can't apply to Frees since they've got no suspension anyway.
  • Why do Frees cost £65??

    Can't we do 'em under the trades descriptions act??
  • >Sigh<

    Bear, you are a big hairy geek ;o)
  • Bo)

    btw, I believe the "trendy" word is "neek" - it's a cross between nerd and geek.

    Although some of the "cool" kids here think that using the word "neek" is for geeks!
  • !!!!!!!!!!!! Just had the fright of me life!

    A blackbird has just decided to start turfing bliddy great lumps of wet moss and crap out of me gutter onto the conservatory roof. Sounded like a war had started!!
  • :oS~

    Did the crap get into the gutters when you were refitting the bathroom, PeeDee? If so, I'm impressed with your aim!
  • :oP Crap is a general term, though it may well consist mainly of squirrel shit!
  • I thought the only person to fish moss out of a gutter was Pete Doherty after a night out ;o)
  • Ah, well. So at least one thing will be familiar in Brum ;o)
  • Though through years of practice at school I bet i could pee into the gutters :o) What! C'mon, every schoolboy has at one time competed in the height competition!
  • My brain has not yet fallen out. I have just declined, on ethical grounds, to refer someone for homoeopathy.
  • (I refrained from saying that maybe they should eat squirrel-poo instead, cos that's completely "natural", and when did they last see a grey squirrel with the symptoms of which they are complaining, and I know a reliable supplier...)
  • LOL! Hmmmmm, Suffolk Squirrel Shit.... the origonal cure all tonic......... I need a label printer and horse drawn cart pronto :o)
  • What has a hazlenut in every bite......
  • OOoooooh, It's snowing :o)
  • Oooh! I'll let him have a look at that later :o)
  • Don't follow the link to the kit suppliers web site..... at least don't look at the prices !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aparantly it can haul up to 6 people on a 5" guage rail.

    Shall I go and buy an anorack and take up rambling!!!
  • Shall I assume that getting a proper job won't mean I can stop hanging around on street corners wearing shiny plastic boots and a very short skirt?
  • The kit for that one is about £5.5k!!!!!!!! Nah, build it from scratch dontcha!

    You can still hang around in........
  • Happy thoughts happy thoughts
    <rocks on knees holding head in hands>
  • Wossup Mercs?
  • Ever since I let slip that I had sent my cv in for another job neither my supervisor or boss have spoken to me , I am due an appraisel and think I wont get one if I get the job, I assume they are holding back so as to avoid any pay deal questions or the like. Make matters worse we are getting new server etc in april and apart from courses etc on the hardware we are completly in the dark

    happy thoughts happy thoughts
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