Brain & Spine Foundation runners

Come out where ever you are!!


  • Davey,

    My thread is for Trinity Hospice in Clapham. I am ending up talking to myself even though 22 runners are running for the charity.

    Will shall end up talking to each other!

    Good luck with fundraising and training etc.

    Best wishes,

    Hutton Trotter (a.k.a) TGT during business hours
  • hi davey B,
    I am running for the foundation and so is my sister.
    hope the training is going well.
    Long run tomorrow morning. 13 miles.
    I am really impresed with the support that the foundation is giving the team. Hope the training is going well!!
  • Hi Billie
    Good to see someone else on the same wave length as me then. Did you go to the Arsenal reception? good wasnt it.
    I hope that all is going ok with you & your training. Weii email you directly if you dont mind
  • Hi, Yes thats fine
    I ran 12.7 miles this morning with my hubbie who is also running the marathon.. My sister (who is also running for the foundation) is a bit faster than me so we dont do our long runs together It was a lovely cold morning. I have just brought one of those Garmin gadgets which is excellent at pacing during a run.
    I didnt make the arsenal reception as I live in Devon and couldnt get there due to work. However I am hoping to make the football match.
    How is your training going? have you run a marathon before?
    Fundraising is going okay, I am organising a local jumble sale so that should help things out.
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