Caesars Camp 100 Miler

I am organising a brand new event for October this year.
A 50/100 run on, all on trail on Caesars Camp, Aldershot, Hampshire.




  • do we have to run in in a toga, or a tutu?
  • Depends on your gender really...
    Naked is fine by me as if you're female and goodlooking...
  • as meatloaf sang, "0 outta 2 ain't bad"
  • This looks interesting and could be a good alternative to the London to Brighton.
  • Phew
    im busy with short races in october
  • very reasonable cutoffs though
  • do you think it would be REALLY stupid to do 4 maras and this in October?
    just the 50
  • Hi Hippo,
    The 100 is going to be fairly harsh so if you had a high workload already this year you might wanna stay at 50.

    The loop I am designing does not have any real long climbs like you will get in US 100's, but it is going to be a rollercoaster type of affair. Some very steep, short up and downhills and lots of 'em. The aim is roundabout 1400ft of climb per loop, so 14,000ft for the total race if you do the full enchilada.

    Stoney uphill struggles, lots of treeroots and other ankletwisters, some nice sandy uphills, deep rutted tank tracks.....

    One thing I think is useful is to let you make your mind up as you go along, so if you feel good, feel free to keep running.
    If you had enough, you can stick at 50.

    Hope to see you there, follow Caesars Centurions!


  • Knew I'd catch you on here Hippo :) I like the way you describe marathons as short races.
    When in October is it Henk?
  • its bloody well when Im free
    (like between the other 4 maras)

    i dont think of maras as short
    I struggle doing 8
    what am i doing here
  • most people struggle doing one mara hippo.. letalone 8


    oh? that wasn't what you meant??
  • it was NOT

    but looking at me calnedar-it should be

    Im nuts, i cant even run 8 miles without walking

    finish me maras though
    and the ultras
  • Loz,
    I am aiming for the weekend of 7-9 October.
    The limitation is what the MoD allows me to do depending on whether they plan any major troop excercises around that time.

    They said, it's mine if I want on that date.
    Summers are out, English Landscape does not allow any events on that plod of land between Feb and October.

    See ya there,

  • Oh dear... I'm only up at this time of the morning cause I'm still starving hungry after doing T2T on Saturday..... I must have clicked on the wrong thread!

  • Bit worried about the hills


    youve done it now
  • You're right Hippo - I've done the ultra thing so so can return to normal life!
  • i still haven't stopped eating...
  • I just begged a fruisli bar off my office mate to have for third breakfast!

    Luckily we have our office christmas dinner today but it's not till 1pm so I may have to pop out for some nibbles in the mean time :-)
  • mmmmmm

    Aldershot is quite local for me

  • what date is the mob pennine 100 ?
  • 25/26 June, i think. It's only a month after the LDWA 100, but I think I'm still up for it.
  • oooh - quite fancy the 50, would be probably be hillier than anything else I've done - except perhaps for that that blinkin' ravine on the Lyke Wake ...
    C'mon Hipps, lets boost the ranks of the slow-but-reliable runners

  • sluggie
    you are getting as bad as shades
    yesh, why not
    4 maras and an ultra in a month
    and then back to work
  • Henk - this looks really good - just a suggestion - I realise that 100-milers are in short supply and that you want to attract 100-mile runners, but you might get a few more peeps for the 50 if the thread title says 50 as well as 100?
  • Having lived in the area, and done some marshaling when motor rallies have been helf through the area, I think this is going to be a tough one underfoot. I would prefer a more solid and consistent surface if I was running that distance.
    How many laps for the 100??
  • boing for Shades
    well this looks did I know Hippo would beat me to this thread..

    Will check the website, might be a bit rufty tufty for me.
  • Having looked at the web site Henk has obviously not ventured much in the direction of North Camp or Farnborough, as there are numerous hotels and eating establishments in the area. I should know as I lived in North Camp for 6 years.
  • This looks interesting, nice to see a posting from Henk giving a feel for how it may be run.

    The main concern for me is wether the terrain might be a bit tough going in the Nike Frees.
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