My 1st 10k too

Well, I did the jubilee 10 k yesterday and was so happy to get round without stopping or walking! I'm almost embarrased to admit it took me 1hr 17mins and 32secs, but it's definately given me the confidence to try and get faster now...(Hi Redhead - I've taken on board your training you posted in the old forum and I'm going to try doing fartleks on the treadmill at first and hill programmes too).

I even took my medal to work - how sad is THAT!?

Kate :)

P.s Really like the new's great! Easy to navigate around and lots and lots of info - esp for beginner runners like me which is very welcome.


  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Kate

    Well done again. It takes some getting used to when you're doing fartleks on the treadmill because of the speeding up and slowing down...slowing down in particular - it never seems to slow down quickly enough for my liking!

    Let me know how you get on - the first time I tried it I felt dozens of pairs of eyes staring at me because I was really thundering along and huffing and puffing!

    Are you going to train for a half marathon next? I'm thinking of trying it but it seems a bit far and scary at the moment.


  • Go for it!, my first 10K gave me the confidence too run the GNR last year. Gonna do the Cumbrian run this year and probably have a crack at the big M.

    Your right it is a bit scary but worth it.

  • Hi Susie

    I wouldn't have even entertained the thought of doing a 1/2 marathon until a guy at work, who's done about 5 marathons now, said it's all psycological and if you really want to do something you will...He also said that if I can do a 10k, I can do a 1/2 Marathon (easy for him to say!) but I got his point. So... I've decided that's what I'm going to train for next .....but not do one until next Spring!

    I haven't been to the gym yet to have a go at farleks - I'm going to go on Sunday when there's never anyone there!

    kate :)
  • Kaytee
    The guy is right. 10k is half a half.

    Remember the time you could only do a mile, then one day you found you could do 2 without stopping.

    10k to half is just the same.
  • Fiona MFiona M ✭✭✭
    Oi, enough of the "remember when you could only do a mile"!!

    I've just managed to run my mile without walking and I'm very pleased with it thank you very much.

    Fiona ;-)
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hey Kate

    Just looked at your thread again and realised I haven't updated you...I've entered the Windsor half marathon on 29th September (gulp) so am training like mad.

    Hope your training is going OK (did you try fartleks?)

    Wish me luck!

  • Hey guys,
    New boy hear, great site isn't it! I've been out of action for a year following a knee op. Did the Blaydon Race in June as my 1st race and finished in under an hour, Did a training 10K last week and clocked sub 50 mins. Doing the North run this year. I didn't believe I could get back into it but I'm doing a 10K in Bishop at the end of the month. It's great to be back!!!!!!!
  • i thought that running clubs were just for
    elite runners,how wrong could i be last febuary i weighed in at 15st 8lb,ijoined harborough athletics club in august weighing 13st 8lb i took part in
    my first x country race before xmas,then took part in 3 of the leicester road running league in jan/feb i was hooked,the confidence i got from the club and encouragment has paid of i now weigh in at 11st 9lb and have just taken part in my first east midlands grand prix and along with the other senior men the haborough
    team finished second and as an individual i finished in 39th place,thougth i still have a bit of a belly and manly boobs!let me tell
    becoming a member of a club was the best thing i ever did,and next week i am doing the blisworth 5 for the first time so if you see a red faced bald 37 year old with a bit of a belly and manly boobs! its me.
  • ref the email i sent at 20.45 this was sent in error as it contains a couple of offending words i hope i have not offended
    anybody it was ment as a light hearted note
    to be sent to a friend
  • London Golden Jubilee 10K was also my very first road race (I've only been running for about 6 months now) and I ran the entire course in 61 minutes - am so chuffed!

    :) jem
  • Jem
    Mine too - you must have been just in front of me. I did 64 mins! It was great.
    Also my first every road run - have been running on the treadmill only.
    Well done - book your place at the next event and keep training!!
    I'm aiming for half marathon in mid Sept.
  • I'm new to this site although not really new to running. I've been taking part in Race for Life 5k's since 1998 and, although I regularly go for runs, have never really progressed onto anything further...until now that is! I've just sent off my application form for a 10k in September in Essex and have been really encouraged by the notes on this site about first time 10k runners! Hopefully I'll make it, try a few more, then go onto half marathons...? Well..I can dream!!
  • hi fil, hi michelle

    good for you both!

    fil, small world - same for me, have only ever done treadmill and indoor track running - good luck for your 1/2 marathon in September - i'm not quite so brave, am doing Flora Light 5K in September and an 8 mile run in Kingston in October.

    michele - good luck for your 10K in Essex - let us know how you get on!

    :) jem
  • Hi Susie

    Well done for entering the Windsor 1/2!!...Please do post or email me training progress reports and let me know how you get on!

    Yes, I did try farleks for the first time in the gym last night...!! I did 25 mins in total - jogging for 2 mins then running as fast as I can for 1 min and alternated this until time was the end I could really feel it in the front of my thighs and shins and I was really pleased when it was over! It made me realise that I since I started running a few months ago, I really haven't pushed myself enough because as soon as I start to feel really out of breath when I run, I slow down and keep at a really slow pace. I'm pleased I tried fartleks and I'm going to make sure I do them regularly!

    Kate :)

  • Can we ban the word 'embarrassed'from the forums. Nobody has any need to be embarrassed about anything, except not trying.Completing is winning.
  • Hello everyone,
    I've just done my first race (10k) today in 57mins, I'm really chuffed. Sorry to be really dumb but I'm new to all this, can someone please tell me what farleks are, what they are for and how to do them. As you can probably see I need all the help I can get! Thanks
  • hey loll

    well done - that's a great time for a first 10K - good on you!!

    i think you are referring to fartlek training - Fartlek comes from the Swedish for 'Speed Play' and has been used by distance runners for years.

    As a very basic guide, fartlek is a form of training which is similar to interval training in which there are work-rest intervals. However, unlike interval training, the work-rest intervals are not measure by time but how the body feels.

    For a really good, straightforward site with info on this type of training, visit:

    where it not only tells you a bit more about fartlek training, but also how it is applied and which energy systems it uses.

    :) jem

  • Thanks Jem!

    That's really useful, I'll certainly check out that site link and possibly give fartlek training a go. I've tried interval training but found it quite hard. As I said, being new to running I don't really have a clue and I'm just really finding out what works for me. Hopefully doing another 10k next month (and improving my time), I'm hooked now!

    Thanks again.
  • hi loll

    i know what you mean about being hooked!! i only started about 6/7 months ago and now run 4X a week and have entered 3 races.

    you should find the fartlek training quite interesting - i do a form of it at the gym as that is what works best for me e.g. I use an indoor track and at certain "markers" such as a weights machine, I'll do a sprint to the next machine and so on.

    :) jem
  • Hi Jem

    I had a read of the article you suggested. I think the fartlek training will be worth a try. I usually run with a friend so it may be tricky if our states of exhaustion don't match up. It's certainly worth knowing about though, I may try it out on the treadmill sometime.

    Sending off our entries for the next 10k tomorrow (yikes) we have just under 4 weeks to prepare and hopefully improve on our time from the last one.

    Thanks again for your advice.
  • hiya loll

    glad you found article useful and good luck for your upcoming races!

    let us know how you get on with your training (and the races).

    i've got a 5K coming up in September and then an 8 mile run in October!

    :) jem
  • Hi all,
    Just joined the site. I did my first 10K at the end of June in 52 mins, which really surprised me as I was just hoping to get through in under an hour. Found that I ran faster due to running off another runners pace. Had only run a few times before that but been going to gym. Have started running 2 or 3 times a week. There is a 10 mile run on Sunday which I'm thinking of attempting, but wondered whether it was wise and what pace to run at.

    Any ideas/advice welcome.

  • Mark - give it a go, particularly if you've kept up the running since the 10k in June. I did my first ten miler a couple of months after the first 10k, and although the last few miles were quite tough, I got through it fine. :o)

    Going back to the earlier emails, it made me think back, and how I never believed I could run some of the distances I'd heard people speak of "in legend", but gradually I built up the distance I could do. After my first 10k I just didn't know how anyone could run 10 miles, but a few months later I'd done it, and then gradually built up to a full marathon. I think it's all relative - however far you've run, the next step up will seem long, but later on you'll think of it as a short run!

    Congrats to all, whatever stage you're at - hope to see you guys at a race sometime :o)
  • Jem - Good luck for your 5k and 8 miles. I'm sure you'll do great. Keep me posted with your news and any more helpful tips would be most welcome.

    Mark - Well done, great time for your first 10k. I'm a beginner myself so unfortunately can't offer much in the way of advice. I think you should go for it on the 10 miles, we're hoping to do 10 in October. Our race plan for the first time on this distance is to take it easy and concentrate on getting round (without too much pain) then work on improving pace for the next time. Best of luck.

    Iain - Thanks for the words of encouragement, I'm looking forward to the days when I can think of 10k as a short run.

    Happy training everyone!

  • Oh how I am panicking about my first half maraton now in Sept after only ever having done a 5K before,it is such hard,hard work- what have I done?
    I think everyone on this thread is doing so very well and are soooo sensible!
  • hi Loll - thanks for the good wishes - will keep you posted

    Mark - well done so for - I'd say go for the 10 miles but take it easy and don't push yourself so hard that you do yourself an injury

    Iain - likewise, hope to see you at a race

    Debs - you can do it - one foot in front of the other, one step at a time

    :) jem
  • Hi all,
    Is anyone doing the Bishop Auckland 10k at the end of the month?
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