G3 March 06

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New route map and profile are ready for download.

Download race brief on the site.


thanks toby


  • Looks like another fun route Toby, but shouldn't you bring back the Chantries bit for the last event? I notice that you intend to run these three routes as the standard in the future. In the past, you had two routes including the Chantries section and one concentrating on St Martha's. Can't help feeling that the former mix provides a better balance. As interesting/fun (?) as the Jan/March routes are, there is a danger of the route becoming a little contrived with all the twist and turns over St Martha's. At least with the Chantries route you get a chance to stretch your legs before and after the sharp pull around the water station. This is in addtion to the obvious joys of St Martha's!?! Feels like this is a better balance overall.

    I am running March this year and the next trio whatever the courses, because they are such good events. However, just feel that last year's balance was better. The St Martha's route(whichever way you run it) is just a little bit too quirky to be the dominant option. Much better as the one-off each season?? Just a thought. I am sure others may not agree!!!!

    Congrats on the successes of the events - well deserved!
  • Fellow competitors -isn't it time to dig into our pockets?

    At the start of the Jan G3, Toby made an announcement re the money donated to the Motor Neurone Disease charity. Well done to all those who contributed. Ashamed to say that I was not one of them. Felt really bad that there were 400 entries and approx 300 runners on the day and yet together (at least by my rusty mental arithmetic) we actually contributed about 30p each. Not very impressive.

    So come on, let's dig into our pockets this time. Even £1 each would triple the contribution from the January event. Everybody agrees that this is a great event (according to the reviews). Let's give something back for all the hard work that Toby/Rory and the marshalls and rest of team put in.

    BTW - I have nothing to do with the event or the MDR charity. Just felt bad for the first 200m of January's event (and afterwards) that so little had been raised.

  • WRT the Motor Neurone Disease charity. Why not add £1 to the entry fee for future events and state that this money will be donated to the charity?
    BTW How are we supposed to make our donations at the March G3?
  • Donations can be made through the online entry system with www.activeeurope.com

    Or you can make a one off payment through my www.justgiving.com/ironmannice page, found on the www.allabouttriathlons.co.uk

    Or donating into the MND bucket at each race.

    thanks for any donations made - my dad would have been very grateful.
  • Routes:
    We've experimented a lot now with differnet routes. Agreed, The Chantries are more exciting and we will be using them more next year. [it does add a few extra complications as we have to involve Guildford Borough council but...]

    thanks for all the support and generous comments from everyone. there will be a questionnaire on the AAT website after the final March race, collecting all comments.

    regards toby and rory
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭

    On the official entries it says that I only entered the last 2 races. I also ran in December so can you ammend me please



    see you on the day :¬)
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    this is not a lively thread this month

    come on who is racing ??
  • I'll be there, having had to wimp out of the January race I'll be trying to make ammends by knocking a few minutes off my December time. Just hope the weather is kind for us.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Thats the lot ?
  • I'll be there gobi, I'm just a bit wary of posting on this board as last time Toby told me off for never doing any work!!!

    I was up on St Matha's at the weekend (on the bike)... very dry at present, so should be some quick times on saturday. Still think Toby's gone soft on us all with this course, barely a hillock in sight compared to the first two.
  • I am hoping to run as I really enjoyed the Jan race; but I have had a cold and have not been training for 2 weeks.
  • ok kids, this is going to be the last fast dash of the G3 series. It'll be sprint 10k with runners coming in from as far as Southampton and Putney! :-)

    there are some hills and some nice looooong inclines to get the legs burning. Of course Rocks will be running to the venue as he clearly thinks this 10k is too easy. Or are we going to see some sub 40 minute 10k's? i doubt it!

    bring it on!

    (please share a lift whereever possible)
  • It's a thought - obviously I'd have to take the long way round to make it worthwhile, but it's not out of the question.
  • marshals:
    can anyone volunteer marshal for this saturday? please call or reply to this thread. thansk toby [race organiser]
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭

    can probably bring Justine as a volunteer but she was not used last time.

    Would you promise to make her work this time :¬)

  • Oh well, slower than December so a bit gutted but I'm going to try and convince myself it's because it was a much tougher course! On the plus side at least I can still walk this morning which is an improvement from last time.
    Thanks to everyone involved in organising the series, absolutely brilliant job done. Also thanks to the marshalls, can't have been much fun for the ones standing out of the sun. See you all next year.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭

    this was tougher than December but easier than Jans.

    Great series and looking foward to participating again next year.

  • Gutted - headed out the door on saturday morning ready to head up to Newlands Corner only to find I had a flat tyre on the car - disaster!

    Never mind I thought, still time to get there on the bike. Go to the shed and, horror of horrors, a flat on the bike also - double disaster!

    Hope you all had a good run - I'll have to wait until 07 now.
  • results posted on the site.

    A huge thanks to all the runners, who sacrificed themselves on St MArthas hill, and all the marshals gave up thier saturday morning to help make it happen.

    see you all next year.

    toby and rory

  • G3 series registration is now open at www.allabouttriathlons.co.uk

    Many thanks to all those who entered this years series.

    all results are posted

    thanks toby
  • Toby
    The '07 entry form on the activeeurope.com website has the age group as 0-39 years; I am 46. Is this ageism?? I have checked the box as I'll wipe the floor with most of the youngsters backsides anyway.
  • Hi John

    more details will be postde on the site. basically

    everyone competes for 123 M+w's. but there'll also be prizes for the older caetory.

    hmmmm - i can see i need to word this properly. details will be posted on the website shortly and thanks for your comments. see you next year! toby
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