London 2007

Who is planning to do this (I am!!!) or is it too soon to be thinking about this?

There must be others out there who are not ready or do not have a place for this year, who are thinking... "In 2007..."?

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  • might be if my knee doesn't get better and I defer this year's place for next year.
  • hi

    what's up with your knee K9?

    I am out of training at the moment with mine too. Right knee agony. Been to physio, tendons behind knee cap swollen due to increase in mileage. Got ITBS in left knee too. Manage that with proper stretching mostly though,and had gait analysis done too which helped.
  • I am probably going to defer my place this year so I will be there in 2007!
  • I have been checking the application procedure and can't believe it's such a lottery... litterally.

    And I don't think I will be able to train to do a marathon before the london marathon and do that in under three hours!!!

    So I guess I'll have to concentate on the charity route.

    I did my first ever race today - 5k and loved it.


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  • Lets get 2006 out the way first, then I will let you know

  • Hi
    Got IBTS since training for 2006. Been to physio done everything I'm told (except complete rest). How do you defer? looks like that could be on the cards. Have just sent for Pattstrap not really sure how it works but am willing to try anything!!
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