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i ran a marathon wearing mizuno wave phantom--easy on the feet---the magazine appears to regard these as RACING shoes only suitable up to 10k--WHY? will i damage something by running further marathons in these?--HELP


  • Jim

    When we reviewed the Wave Phantom in the Spring we actually said that they were a "…great marathon shoe for lighter, more efficient runners…". With all racing shoes we think it best to err on the side of caution if you're a heavy runner - ie approaching 14 stone and more - or have motion control problems. If you fit this category then performance trainers or even your everyday trainers for marathon running can be a better choice. Most lightweight racers offer minimal cushioning and few stability features so if they're not right for your build or running style then, yes, you could be risking injury if you run long races in them. The Mizuno Wave Phantoms, though, are a midweight racer with a nice amount of cushioning and the Wave system offers decent stability. If you've run a marathon in them, you're happy with them, and you suffered no ill effects, then wear them again. From a personal POV I've found that they're an excellent shoe to wear on faster training runs too. Hope this helps.
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  • Jim -

    Snap - I also ran my last marathon in Wave Phantoms and while nervous about the consequences beforehand, was thrilled with the results - really nice shoe to race in, though if I was carrying even the slightest niggle going into a race, I'd probably not wear them. Also as Rob says, they make speed sessions a whole lot more fun too. s.
  • I am in the need of a Motion control shoe, and currently training in the Asics Koji, should I also wear this in my next marathon since the training seems to go great with them?
  • Hey All,

    Am wanting to buy a shoe suitable enough to train and race in (10km - Half marathon). I am a low 40's min 10 km runner and weigh around 65 kgs (not sure in stone), height 5ft7. Have been looking at Asics Gel racers and trainers but also want to consider mizuno, new balance and others. Don't know whether i need a full racing shoe or perhaps a performance trainer. Currently training in Asics Kayano 2001 model. Any advice???

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