Lower back

Ok I am up to 9 miles now and am enjoying a healthy mix of short runs and faster runs but 2 days ago I ran up a big hill 4 times and walked down. I felt absolutely great and ran home 2 miles from the hill feeling very strong. within 2 hrs my lower back is killing, I could hardly walk.

My question is, are the lower back muscles just experiencing the same as say my calf muscles did to start? Will they repair and be stronger? Or is there something untoward deep down? I am a heavy 14.5 st and only 5'8" but am getting stronger in all areas. It is slightly better today and much worse when I have been sitting?

Any thoughts please


  • First..check your shoes, do you need more cushioning.It might be the longer runs, not the hills, causing the problem

    Next...try lower back exercises in the warm up; sit ups, back arches etc.

    Slacken off a bit, 75% effort?

    Death is your body's way of telling you to slow down :>}
  • Have a look at the Health (grey tab) above


  • Cheers, It really is just the muscles just above the bum - ouch!!!!
  • Christ , i am so very inflexible (and fat)nthat i can't get anywhere near touching my toes.
  • cheers
  • HG

    I'm all in favour of a bit of "the others" :>}
  • And where is that Hoose?
  • Oh, you are awful, but I like you

    D. Emery c. 1972
  • Still aching like a b@stard. fine when i walk but I am disabled when i get out of the car and hobble for about 10 minutes before it loosens
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