Kids are sick again!

Just been off with my 9 year old last week as he had really nasty ear and throat infection. Had a call from school today re: younger son feeling sick and needing to go home. Obviously family comes first, but I work with children and feel really badly about letting them (and their parents) down too! Currently I work part time but am beginning to wonder if I should stop all together as I don' seem able to be reliable. Don't want to get into major working parent debate, but would appreciate some support and / or suggestions. Thanks


  • Guess you're all at work still......
  • I was off all last week with my eldest. She had a sickness thing and was really ill.

    Don't feel bad about letting work down. I'm sure that they'd understand especially as you work with kids as well.

    It's not as if you're pulling a sicky or owt and you're obviously pretty conscientious.

    Your family definitely comes first. I only work part-time as well and I temp so if I don't work I don't get paid. I didn't feel at all bad about not being there. They coped as your work will.

    I don't have any suggestions unfortunately but I hope your eldest is better now:-)
  • i was off most of last week and am off today - just waiting for middle son to get it and i could be off some of this week too

    are you on your own?
    cos if not then the other partner should be sharing the child care - IMHO

    Mr took last friday off "working from home" and is taking tomorrow morning off too so i can get to wuk

    we have always done this when the kids are ill, as i know it p*sses the people who don't have kids off when we take time off work to care for our kids, and i can kind of see their point even though we have to do it

  • Thanks GE and Lurker.
    No, I'm not on my own, Mr Jiggi is usually very good, but is often out of the country or has heavy lecturing committments, so being off is not always an option. Feel better for having shared it though!
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