10K to 1/2 M in 6 weeks

Having had a setback due to a bout of bronchitis I've got around 6 weeks to get from a 10K to a half marathon at Wilmslow.
Will start back tommorrow and probably do a gentle 40 mins plus some speedwork.
Trouble is, my schedule has slipped somewhat for the 1/2 M -anyone any ideas for a crash course/condensed plan in the time left.


  • No short cuts...If you push it you'll just get injured.

    I would bite the bullet and postpone the HM until I'd done the training especially the longer distances
  • Despite me being a master of not listening to my own advice, OOK is right, and just because I am busy ramming a schedule to try and make it for Blackpool on 26th Feb, does not make it right.

    It does make it bl**dy hard work, me grumpy, and my family glad to get me out the house. Apart from that it's going fine really.
  • There will always be another HM somewhere..think about another race in 3? months
    Have a look at the EVENTS tab
  • What time you looking to acheive Dr K?
  • I think you can do it, as long as you don't overdo it to make up for lost time. Make sure you do these 3 runs a week - 1 "fast" ie tempo, 1 interval and 1 long run. If you do a 10km long run this week and increase by 2 km each week, you can do your last 2 long runs at 18km which is fine for a 1/2M. Try to fit in an easy run as well each week but if you can't, just stick to those 3 basic runs and you'll be fine. What do you think?
  • Thanks for the advice -I am just hoping to get round to be honest but would like to run it however slowly.
    I'm not the fastest for 10K anywhere between 52 -55 mins so something like 10 minute miles for the 1/2M would be good. (I already have £200 on my head for the run).
    I might try to follow Kiwi runner's plan.

    I won't try to cram a schedule just try to build it up slowly and see where I am. I have the Lostock 6 end of Feb. I'll go and do 45 mins slow tomorrow and if it feels Ok will give it a go.

    Thanks everyone
  • Drop the Wilmslow race DrK.IMHO. There are no quick fixes and 6 weeks is an eyeblink!

    Alternatively hill repeats on Slackey Brew and fartlecks up the Stoneclough road will give you the strength. Probably kill you first tho!
  • I have the wonderful Cox Green Road to go at which is even better then Slackey brow!
    Think I'll give it a go. I can always pull out if it is useless and if I feel reasonably good I can always run/walk the last 2-3 miles.
  • Dr K. If you are only bothered about getting round, I think you will be in with a chance, providing you don't try any heroics. Sadly you lose fitness twice as fast as it takes to get it in the first place, so the last six weeks will have taken their toll. If you've previously built up a regular core around 6-miles as a long run then you have time to step up between now and Wilmslow, in terms of distance, but you can't afford to attempt to combine goals of distance and times. Good luck.
  • Haddie -thanks, yes that's what i thought -I will settle for just getting round in view of the missed running.
    For 10Ks my long runs are generally around an hour so I should be able to step it up a bit before Wiimslow.
  • Well made it round in 2:18 or thereabouts at Wilmslow today -which was quicker than last year when I went off far too quickly. Kept an even 10 min mile pace for the first 8 miles then slowed a bit for the last 5. Thanks to Haddie and everyone for advice (some of which I ignored). I'll stick to 10Ks now and aim to improve my 10K times
  • Well done DK.

    I did a half today too. I would recommend staying with a few halfs for strength. My 10k's started to improve when I did more mileage to get a half in.
  • Cheers Stump but I'll stick to a few 7-8 mile runs and go back to speed work at Bolton Harriers -that's what helped me in the past. Did you do the Liverpool one?

    I'm too old and knackered for halves !
  • Nah - I'm only a Bolton Ex-Pat. I did my local race in Stafford.

    Never too old, there was a seikh guy in my race who was 70 if he was a day!
  • Well too lazy then !

    Hope you had a good run.
  • You must be 'aving a larf, Stump.

    If that Seikh fellow was Fauja Singh, he's in his 90's. Mid-90's at that!

    Did a race I was in a couple of years ago at Holmfirth. I beat him. Just.

    An amazing fellow
  • FLK - I don't think it was Fajua; he was shorter and stockier with a shorter beard. Never know tho! I could have run with a celebrity!
  • Perhaps he was running incognito :-)
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