asthma and steroids

Any one got any thoughts about training when taking steroids following an asthma attack?
Is is good, bad, do the steroids help or hinder training and recovery?
Or should i give up alltogether?!


  • If you are on a short course of steriods, I would not start running until you have finished them and are quite sure the asthma has cleared up. I am asthmatic and take a low dose steriod inhaler each day which keeps it under control. I have found that running has improved my asthma / breathing greatly. However, if I have a cold and start wheezing I give up running until I'm better. How often do you have an attack? Your doctor / asthma nurse should be able to advise you and help you. Goo luck....don't give up!
  • hi
    steroids (if you mean ones by mouth as opposed to inhaled ones)
    well they wont hinder training as such
    but if you are ill enouhg to need em by mouth-then ypou shouldnt be running
    If you mean inhaled ones-no worries
  • I agree with Hippo, if you are taking pred you should not be running. I would think that you are only on a 7 or 10 day course so rest for a week and hopefully you will be well enough to run when you finish them.
  • I third what Hippo and Steven say.

    If you have to take prednisone, it's not wise to go out [not to say that I have, unwisely, done so. I also paid for it because I was ill for longer].

    If you have a peak-flow meter, check how your lungs are and don't go out if you are 15% below normal [call your GP/nurse as well!].

    And normally an asthma doc will tell you to predose with 2 puffs of albuterol 15 minutes before a run. Check with yours if that seems like a plan for you.

    My doc was so worried about me running a marathon that he wanted me to carry along nebuliser, not an inhaler - a nebuliser, complete with drugs and battery. The "ARE YOU CRAZY?" look on my face made him negotiate down with a family member carrying it just in case. And of course, that didn't help ease my mother's fear that I'd die running 26.2, although the long training runs with just an inhaler in the pocket didn't bother her at all. LOL!
  • Thanks for all that advice, i suppose i knew i shouldnt run when taking oral steroids but there you go I have no sense and i miss the running when i cant get out. Ta all!!X
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