The older runner!

As a 46 year old female runner who does manage occasionally to win a prize, I cant decide whether I feel more pleased with myself for getting a 1st FSV place or say a 5th place overall?
At a recent race, times as well as places were announced, this did help my indecision as my time was a good one and I felt I wasnt just getting a prize to "make up the numbers"
Any other older runners have any thoughts?


  • Molly I have won the female supervet prize a couple of times now in races, virtue of the fact there were hardly any or no other female supervets in the race.

    My view is that at least I have turned up, ran the race and done my best and it was very nice to win something.

    If there are any other half decent supervets in the race then I have no chance of winning anything.
  • erm at what age is a female classed a SUPER vet? You are only 46.
    This is scary.
  • female supervet is over 45.
  • That's far too young i feel. Bad enough being classed as vet at 35. Still at long last they have brought the men in line and they are vets at 35 too!
  • so what does a 50+ male come under
    supergrandad I wonder
  • Jane M. I'm sure i recognise your face from various runs in Aberdeen and shire. Let the veterans unite!!!
  • Molly will you be at Haddo this weekend, if you are also there say hi or I will be at Lossiemouth next Sunday so say hi if you are there.

  • Sorry Jane, I cannot be at either. But I will look out for you at future events, as long as I can survive the rigorous training I'm put through- cant get a grip on this treadmill though!
  • Jane. thinking about it, we have spoken before, the last time was before Lumphanan 10K i think. I was disguised as a blondish haired woman who looked frozen - Serves her right for dragging me out for runs most days.
  • Molly, the day the Lumphanan 10k was run was a very cold day, not one of my best races.
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