Bargain New Balance!!

I just had a call from one of the NB factory shops... she told me that the factory had some 765's in for just £14.99!!

She told me that they are contacting peeps who have ordered them in the past and offering them at this price, but i'm sure you could just phone and ask anyway.

With postage they still come out at £19.49.

I've only just ordered 2 pairs of 766's a few weeks ago, but I had some of these anyway...i'm a sucker for a bargain ;)

The factory shop that called me is on 01768 774631


  • Try saying the cheap shop in Shap after several pints
  • There's a thread on General praising the NB factory shop ... another one.

    How many are there, and can anyone list more numbers?

    Thing is, I was in Sweatshop today and came out with a pair of Asics but it was a close call between them and the NB 857.
  • Keswick, Shap and another one whose name I forget.
  • Flimby near Maryport, also in Cumbria.

    The details can be found on the New Balance website.

    I managed to get a pair of 1050s and a pair of RXTerrain fell shoes for a combined price of less than £60. Winner.
  • Yep I got my RX terrains from there.

    Very good service. Sent a pair back cos they were too small and I received the replacements within a week.

    Mmmmmmm may take a look at some trail shoes!!
  • The numbers are:

    01931 716333
    01768 774631 (which is who are sending me my £14.99 765's :) )
    01900 602850
  • Not a NB user, so what should they usually retail at?
  • The 765's were replaced with the 766's last year, although they are technically the same as far as i'm aware.

    I wore the 765's and at the time were retailing at about £60, although you could get them for about £40 from the factory shops.
    The 766's are now about £60 in the shops and about £40 in the factory shops.
  • Thanks Trin. I'll deffo check them out!
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