Great North Run

I'm in the GNR for the first time this year and was wondering whether anybody can recommend accomodation for it.
Ease of getting to the start would be a major plus.


  • hi there :)

    me eating beef salard sand at moment have you tried the premier travel inn around Newcastle I manage to get booked last year as they book up very quick, me doing this one for first time as last year was unable to do due to health

    good luck
  • Thanks Bugsy! I'll give them a go.
  • Hi there :)

    just found letter from the Newcastle South premier travel inn the price per room per night has increased to £70 and they are asking for full payment by 31st August hope this helps, I know its a bit dear sorry, hope it still helps you the Central reservation tel no 0870 242 8000 or

    good luck
  • Newcastle Premier Inns seem to be booked up.
    They suggested Carlisle as an alternative...
  • Try

    Includes general info and a search of a load of local hotels. Best of all, you only pay when you check in for most of them. Do for the one I'm booked into.
  • When you book, check the distance to the nearest Metro station (Tube); the traffic at the finish is horrendous so the only way out for hours is by Metro
  • Last year we parked at the finish with friends. After the race we hung around to have a bite to eat and drove off. Wasn't too bad getting out, but had parked the car quite early so wasn't a huge queue out of the car park. Previous year we'd experienced massive queues getting onto Metro (hour plus we were warned). I think it's just the luck of the day. Plus the later you leave it the more roads are reopened.

    It's a shame there isn't more to do at the end so everyone doesn't just leave straight away.
  • Nirvana Europe is a really good company for this sort of thing. They have accommodation all over the North East, often very, very cheap. In 2004 I stayed in the Halls of Residence of Durham Uni, only £25 a night with a coach to and from the race.

    The website is but its not fully working at the moment.
  • first time i used b+b so had to use the metro....bad idea.last year i camped about 1/2 mile from the finish and used buses laid on by organisers,worked really well and the camping was less than £10 :0)
  • Wath out for the 'Quality' Hotel in the city centre. Bit of a let down but handy to the pubs afterwards!!!
  • Wirral Dave: "Nirvana Europe is a really good company for this sort of thing. They have accommodation all over the North East, often very, very cheap."

    Not in my experience, unfortunately. Nirvana book up pretty much everything in sight about a year in advance and sell the rooms on for a very hefty premium. I'm desperately trying to escape their clutches but it's not easy.
  • Jury's Inn, Newcastle. £70 for a twin on the Sunday night.
  • Thanks for all the recommendations. I've booked a hotel near Durham. Looked to be the best available location for driving to South Shields in the morning.
    (I'm not brave enough to take my 1-yr-old camping just yet...)



  • Nirvana is looking stupid this year - £100 a night is the cheapest they are quoting for staying on Saturday and Sunday which is far more than I'm prepared to pay.

    Anyone got any links for decent campsites - my googling hasn't been much cop for South Shield campsites.
  • booked the Longhirst Hall Classic near Morpeth. Looks lovely and cheaper than the s**t hole of a room I had last year booked through Nirvana
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