seen any good flicks lately?

there doesnt seeeem to be a movie thread on here.

just been out to see Walk the Line.

was dreading a "Ray" re-tread and although it was much of the same, it was superior and had fantastic performances from reese (wish she did more movies like this rather than fluff) and Joaquin.

Love Johnny Cash but most people know the weaknesses in his character (that made him the artist he was) and thankfully not a piece of hero-worship.

to be critical, it was a touch bland and biopic-by-numbers, with tortured childhood flashbacks and aging montage sequences.

however, Cash's anguish over his brother and subsequent spiral into despair are well handled, believable and genuinely heartwarming.

and a gorgeous and very human love story.

cannot imagine anyone not at least liking it,



  • there used to be movies review thread ... think SVT started it, but it only comes out once in a blue moon!

    havent been to the cinema for eons!
  • to be honest i go too much

    work nights and so the cinema is my friend when i am not runnin.

    have got the unlimited pass tho so at least it doesnt hurt me wallet too much.
  • I liked 'Ray'... flawed but watchable

    'Walk The Line' is in a different league... very very good... both lead actors Pheonix and Witherspoon were awsome...

    If it had one flaw it is I could have done with a little more gig time...

    I'm led to believe that Pheonix's voice wasn't dubbed or altered... if so he's got Cash's voice to a T
  • both of their voices were entirely their own.

    amazing really, and pheonix had all the physicality down to a t.

    ray was fun but was almost like a TV movie in terms of quality, elevated by a stunning turn by Jamie Foxx.
  • i alsso like that walk the line did not concentrate solely on cash.

    they showed jerry lee, carl perkins, elvis etc, ably demonstrating how exciting a time it was for music then.

  • The Jacket

    You'll either love it or hate it...I thought it was great!
  • yip i did like it even though it was silly in places.

    sidenote for those from Glasgow. It was filmed in bathgate and in one of the scenes u can see the M8 motorway.

    pal of mine was a runner on the movie and said adrien brody was a pain in the erse.
  • Crash
    21 Grams
    My Life Without Me
    Chronicles of Narnia
  • Hmm, was wondering whether to go to Walk the Line or Brokeback Mountain tonight - any thoughts anyone?
  • Both are graet films Kinsey.

    Brokeback Mountain is very sad. Great preformances from the leads. Not shocking but surprising how much you want these tow to be happy.

    I really enjoyed Walk the Line too. Knew nothing about Cash before I went so didn't really know what to expect. Reese Witherspoon was fantastic - she gets better and better.

    Saw Munich last week. Really engrossing and quite powerful. Didn't really leave with much sympathy for Israel as a nation and not much hope either. Pretty brave for Speilburg to make a film like that.

    Saw Cock and Ball Story the other week. Very funny if you like Coogan and Brydon. Might not be one you'll rush to the cinema to see but worth a look when it gets to vid/DVD.

    Saw Jarhead too the other week. Nicely made and subtely done. Not much war in it more about the bordem of waiting for action.

    OK - we go alot. Cutting down drinking and socialising generally to accomodate marathon training is helping to catch up on the flicks.

    Also seen recently Match Point (ploddy but watchable), A History of Violence (for a Kronenburg (?) film pretty accesable), The Aristocrats (documentary of comedians worst joke - very funny) King Kong (very long but worth it) and Cindarella Man (you'll laugh and cry).
  • lovvvved Munich DBD

    although a tricky task, thought Spielberg managed to be pretty even-handed with the film and I left with more of an understanding of the Israeli mindset than when i went in.

    not in agreement necessarily, but just in understanding. When his mother says, "we grasped a homeland for ourselves, because nobody would give it to us." kinda tricky to argue with that.

    love eric bana too though, aside from his incredibly intense performance, he had some of the best threads i have ever seen in a movie.

    wanted his wardrobe man.

  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    Brokeback Mountain was fab! Beautifully made and superb acting, definitely worth seeing.
  • I saw "A Cock and Bull Story" recently. Funny and clever but will be just as good on DVD.
  • Watching Munich tonight... had the misfortune to see 'Fun with Dick and Jane' last night...

    I had more fun suffering with shingles
  • why why why why does jim carrey keep making sub standard drivel like this.

    i love man on the moon and lemony snicket, both films proving he is massively talented, but then he lets it all down with crap like this.

    man it makes me mad. not the best chooser our jim
  • 'Munich' was OK
  • Chronicles of Narnia is OK, old fashioned kids film (if you have any old fashioned kids its for you). Wouldn't have minded being captured by the ice queen.
  • Carrey was good in The Truman Show
  • crash was good - Matt dillon and ludicris are fantastic in it.

    Kingdom of heaven is underrated,I took along time to get around to seeing it because it got lukewarm reviews. The reviews where wrong - its a great film.
  • Wahey! A new film fread!

    I'm getting through a lot since we signed up for an online DVD service, and catching up on some of the older films that I've somehow missed. Recent highlights (excluding 'Lost', as it's not a film) include:

    La Reine Margot
    The Missing
    Being John Malkovich

    Went to the cinema a couple of weeks back and saw was 'The New World', if I've remembered the title correctly. To cut a long story short, it's 'Pocahontas'. I've seen once Terence Malick film before - 'The Thin Red Line' - so I knew there may be a tendency to linger a bit too long on arty nature shots and to try and to add trite-sounding 'deep and meaningful' voiceovers. Unfortunately, this film lacked the action of his last film and we came out of the cinema feeling flat - put a downer on the whole evening! I've noticed it's already disappeared from our local multiplex...
  • I've still to see a film that beats 'The Matrix' trilogy, (sorry I'm a sci fi geek). I saw the third one in the Imax cinema - wow.

    I recieved a box set of James Stewart DVDs for Christmas which I am working my way through, they're all classics:

    Destry Rides Again (see what the boys in the back room will have....)

    Rear Window (great one to watch with a leg injury).

    Vertigo (Still disturbing).

    Winchester 73 (Not seen yet).

    Harvey (ahh!).
  • I went to see brokeback mountain the other day - thought it was really good, and different to any other film, and different to how i expected it to be!

    jarhead was great, thought it was really well done, and very emotional at some points...

    Fun with Dick and Jane - not bad but only if you want to sit and watch a nice 'easy' film... something that doesn't make you think or is just a reason to leave the house and eat popcorn!

    Crash - saw this on dvd last night, was quite good, but one of those films you really have to concentrate on cos its all bits and bobs peiced together, and you want to take it all in so when they come together at the end you get it!
  • ooh, and saw the trailer for the da vinci code the other day - gonna be a cracker!
  • I saw Walk the Line on Thursday and that was really good - much better than I thought it would be.
  • Slow-runner - the Matrix trilogy? Really?

    The first one was okay but I actually fell asleep watching the last one.

    Just watched 'Crusader' on DVD. Not great.
  • Flying Haggis - I agree on your Munich comments. Makes you think a bit more about how little us Europeans understand the whole situation and just how futile it seems to try and come up with a solution. Centuries, even millennia of tension, mistrust and hatred. Tricky stuff.

    As for the wardrobe - how come in all our family photos of the 70's we all look crap yet on film, everyone looks cool? I'm not being naively conned do you think?

    Jim Carey was also very good in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I guess he makes these easy films for the money. Can't blame the chap for that.
  • I saw hidden (cache) last week, very good film, can really recommend it. Very clever film, brilliantly acted, and very french (so don't go if you hate french cinema.
  • A tearjerker I might just avoid, fond as I am of dogs, and having paid my respects at the resting place of the canine in question: Greyfriars Bobby, released recently (Feb. 10th), apparently nice for kids.
    Some of you might remember a version from 1961 which gets shown on TV occasionally.

    The official Greyfriars Bobby website

    No, I am not in morbid mode, I just thought of it!! :)
  • yep i did enjoy eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, although thought kate winslet was the real star.

    Carrey was solid but had a tendency to confuse looking mournful for acting.

    but yeah, cannot reeelly blame for cashing in on the goofy roles.

    just wish some actors would make more effort.

    Clooney is an exampe of an actor/director who does try.

    with Solaris, O Brother, Confessions of a dangerous mind et al, he is not merely relying on his fame and looks to get easy money-spinning parts.

    he is genuinely trying to stretch himself, and cannot wait for the Mcarthy movie Good Night and Good Luck it looks fab.

    p.s. cannot wait for greyfriars bobby!! (one of my fave pubs in edinburgh too)
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