seen any good flicks lately?



  • I liked the BBC version.
  • Didnt see that one, hence the reason I went to see this one as some said it was very good.
  • NIcko-did they cast Clarence the Lion from Daktari as Aslan? Haven't seen it yet :(
  • No this one wasnt X eyed hehehehehehehe
  • Anyway thought Clarence died yrs ago ?
  • I was just kidding! I liked Clarence. And Judy the chimp, etc.
  • Chronicles of Narnia was awful.

    I don't even think the FX's were that great compared to LOTR 1,2,3.

    Saying that, I hated the books even as a ten year old so perhaps I viewed the movie with extreme prejudice.

    Why did I think it was awful?

    Twee to the point of vomit inducing

    Really bad casting (Ice Queen excepted and perhaps the youngest kid)

    Over indulgent sentimentality... The Aslan resurrection... oh for 'Christ's' sake!

    Crap battle scenes...

    Overlong by about 30 minutes

    Okay for under twelve’s... but beyond that, total rubbish …and I'm being kind
  • aslan looked like a computer generated lion.

    i enjoyed it but it was blandtastic.

    unlike Lord of the Rings, where peter jackson used sweeping landscape shots to give a real depth to the world of middle earth, we don't get this in Narnia.

    it seemed like a forest, a field and a castle and had no other-worldy quality.

    So not really much worth bothering about. and thus, i didn't.

    tilda swinton was gr8 as always but aside from that,,,

  • The BBC version seemed to bring the book to life more (although if you never liked the book you wouldn't like either adaptation).

    I'm afraid that it was bound to suffer by comparison to LOTR. I read the Chronicles of Narnia and LOTR when I was a fairly young kid. On re-reading both, it's clear that the CofN are kids books, so it was bound to be largely a kids film. Perhaps I liked the BBC version better because the effects were rubbish in comparison, so it focussed on the story. And because I was younger when I saw it. And because that Peter Jackson fella hadn't come along and raised the bar for all fantasy films to a ridiculous height.

    Nice song at the end by Imogen Heap though.
  • yep the beeb version was good.

    and yes, LOTR has raised the bar.
  • American Psycho. An odd, blackly funny film.
  • :D

    How about the sequel, "American Psycho II: All American Girl" (2002)

    "Patrick's gone and a girl that survived him is now killing everyone so she can be a college professor's assistant".

    Typical- because she's a girl they won't let her become professor, but rather settle with the assistant's post. Decidedly patchy.

    Sadly, although thought-provoking, neither have the tacky appeal of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"...
  • oooh oooooh i watched that.

    by mistake, i must add.

    bizarretastic, as it had almost nothing to do with the original.
  • Just had a look on IMDB and AP2 looks a bit poo. Even has The Shat.
  • Alright, I admit it, a gap in my education:
    Actually I've seen neither of the AP, or even read the book :(
    "The Shat"? Qu'est-ce que c'est?
    Sounds pants to me :o

    <============exit, stage left: dinna time!
  • AP issno bad, although a little tame next to the book.

  • I collect movie score CD's and must admit that The Chronicles of Narnia is a quite good listen.

    My favourite at the moment is 'Black Hawk Down'... thpough 'Lost in Translation' runs a close second
  • cannot wait to get the harry potter goblet of fire score, just to see if jarvis cocker is on it.

    i have the chamber of secrets but only listen in the background when i am reading the books.

    the Napoleon Dynamite score is fantastic.

    Far-out elevator music would be the best way to describe it.
  • 16/02/06 - Chicken Little.

    plot overview—boy cries wolf scenario, dad/son relationship stuff.

    Quite literally alone in the theatre, i sat down to enjoy one of the most enjoyable kids flicks of the year.

    Not phenomenally original and prone to spells of overwhelming schmaltz, this animated film is nonetheless impossible not to love and contains numerous laugh-out loud moments.

    CL himself was a sympathetic and likeable character and, although his love interest and sidekick Abby the ugly duck (the unbearably wonderful Joan Cusack) was a rip-off of Dory from Finding Nemo, she was funny they played off each other beautifully.

    While runt was annoying, the other pheripheral characters, particularly the exuberant Fish-out-of-water, were great.

    good for kids 6/10.
  • 'The Times' is giving away copies of 'Donnie Darko' on Sunday.

    For those who didn't catch it at the Cinema or who've not seen the DVD/Video enjoy the originality and plot twists and turns... but prepare to be perplexed...

    I still don't know what to make of the ending... 3 years since I first seen it... which has to be a good thing... hasn't it!?!
  • I haste films that I don't get...Donnie Darko being one of them.

    Another one was (I forget what its called) but its based in the second world war and these men stagger through the fog only to find this trench and that it is inhabited by some evil...thing. It ends up killing all bar one who gets away.

    At the end of it, your left thinking 'what the....?'

    Admittedly I also hate films where they go into so much detail to explain what's going on - it's so patronising.
  • Lawro - I haven't see that film, and I can't remember what it's called, but it's definitely World War One.

    New Bond girl's been announced - Eva Green (the one from Kingdom of Heaven).
  • Lawro SVT

    Film was called 'Deathwatch' and it was WW1 (if it is the same movie I'm thinking of)

    Director was MJ Basset.(I think) Good concept ruined by gawd awful editing and shitty script. Pace and direction was not good either.

    (I heard it had quite a few re-writes)
  • tryin to think what that kingdom of heaven lassie looks like.

    a pretty forgettable movie.
  • She probably looked like one of those fotofit Hollywood starlets.
  • You know - her...

    Dodge - she's French.
  • Yep, French people get in Hollywood movies too.
  • They get everywhere.
  • McBride's cheeky flick on for Helgusson, in the Fulham game last week, was quite good.... Oh. Cock and Bull Story was last one I saw. Coogan on form for first time in a while and some genuine laugh out loud moments, I thought!
  • Just watched House of Sand and Fog and can recommend it. Maybe a little slow but worth watching all the same.
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