seen any good flicks lately?



  • nowwww we agree. :)
  • Which do you think will be better, Maria Full of Grace or Into the Blue? One has Jessica Alba in a bikini and the other is meant to be a good film. I'll report back having viewed them.

  • Corinthian-
    1) If I told you you guessed right immediately you might have thought I was predictable.
    2) I disagree. I don't think a sequel is needed. Buy a biography and the records for the rest. The whole point about the movie was the formative influences on his life: early childhood, his relationships with the most important people in his life, and how he made it.

    nrg-b/flhaggis: wahey! choppy-socky! We're in business! Directed by Stephen Chow- one of Hong Kong's finest! Did you know that he is going to direct Kung Fu Hustle 2? :))

    Earl: get a poster of Jessica and a Clive Cussler novel, it's just a remake of "The Deep". Sheesh!
  • noooo i did not know that thats pant-wetting news.
  • Moomoo

    Still think a sequel is in order.

    1. How his demons emerged again and he nearly lost everything, but pulled it back from the brink would provide fantastic gut-wrenching heart gouging material...

    2. I'm always right!

    (I loved this film... in fact I'm finding it difficult to think of another pop biopic as good as 'Walk the Line')

    Any suggestions?

    (and please don't say 'The Partridge Family')

    'Bird' perhaps... hmmm... dunno... naaa
  • Corinth-
    1. Why should everything have a sequel? It's all been done before, this nearly losing everything bit, gut wrenching... see Rockies II, III, IV...:)
    2. No you're not. I am!
    'Ray' is nearly as good!
  • ohh i really didn't like Ray

    thought it was awful made-for-TV rubbish, with an amazing performance admittedly by Foxx.
  • flH- I think they had residuals in mind, and it had to be made a certain way to reach a larger audience, but admittedly, Foxx was very much the focus.
  • sure, just felt it was biopic-by-numbers and also a bit too apologetic to Charles.

    every time he did something awful, cut to a shot of him lookking mournfully into space, then a flashback to childhood.

    awww bless its not his fault, he had a bad childhood.

    but thats bordering on politics so ill shhhhh now. :)
  • Not at all, it's a valid point! Reminds me of a graffitti I once saw on a dusty white van: "Ray Charles washed this car" :S
  • teehee

    much of the same could be said of Walk the Line, albeit that was a far-superior film.

    they dwelled on Cash's childhood, but it was more to give reasons for his hurtful behaviour, rather than excuses. and that, of course is relevant.

    and, if you listen to Cash's later recordings, his personal regret at parts of his life are all too obvious.

  • Pretty funny flick, 'Lonesome Jim'. Bit of a typical Indie though.
  • I've heard of "Lonesome Jim", being a Buscemi fan, but not seen it. I shouldn't of course make my mind up about it until I've actually seen it, but I had a quick look at the IMDB record & various comments, according to one, it seems to be jumping on the post-"Garden State" bandwagon. At least there appears to be an up-beat ending!
    "Jim goes out of his way to avoid challenges..."- but that sounds like a lot of us!!!

    flH- a lot of his recordings were very autobiographical, his appeal is that we can relate to these regrets.
    ER- have you seen him in that episode of Columbo where he plays a murderer? Cool! It's interesting that it deals with him in a small plane because in real life he was afraid of flying!!

    Off to the post office, etc, kiddies- got some work done this morning! :)

  • watched Romero's Land of the Dead last night....

    dissapointed - ok but nothing on the others in the series.
  • "Night of the living dead", the original version from the late 60's, is one of my all-time favourites! (I thought it was comedy the first time I saw it, or maybe that's just twisted me?).
    Otherwise, I've only seen "Dawn of the Dead".
  • Just got back from seeing Final Destination 3, yeah, it certainly won't win any awards. Except possibly for the most gruesome and somewhat imaginative ways to die!!

    What i will say though is that it is a movie which reminds me why i love going to the leave your brain at the door and just go in and enjoy it, pure escapism!!
  • I've only seen the first 'Final Destination', which was recently repeated on TV. I think I can give rollercoasters in general a miss, as it is!

    This reminds me of another typical late 70's type formula disaster movie with famous cast, "Rollercoaster", which had in it, among others...Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda, George Segal, Timothy Bottoms, etc. (in fact, only George Kennedy was missing from among the regulars of this type!!).
  • George Kennedy's greatest moment was knocking out Paul Newman in 'Cool Hand Luke'

    "Yaw a good ol boy Luke... git maad at them thar eggs"
  • :)
    Wahey! Joe Patroni! (Oops- wrong movie ;(

    Er- I cheated and looked up some more of that scene:)

    Luke: I can eat fifty eggs.
    Dragline: Nobody can eat fifty eggs.
    Society Red: You just said he could eat anything.
    Dragline: Did you ever eat fifty eggs?
    Luke: Nobody ever eat fifty eggs.
    Prisoner: Hey, Babalugats. We got a bet here.
    Dragline: My boy says he can eat fifty eggs, he can eat fifty eggs.
    Loudmouth Steve: Yeah, but in how long?
    Luke: A hour.
    Society Red: Well, I believe I'll take part of that wager.
  • hehehe

    actually i saw that first during a documentary about the stereophonics. they were in the tour bus doing that scene. it wasnt untill later i realised it was from the film, i just thot they were mekkin it up.
  • just been to see Good Night, and Good Luck

    well half of it.

    it was reeely (geddit) hot in the theatre and she wanted to go get a drink in the bar, so we did.

    desperate to go back to see the rest so won;t review until then.

    not for everybody (she didnt like it) but seems perfect fodder for people interested in politics and the media (me and me)

    very relevant at the mo.
  • So how much money was that wasted, flH? Tsk!

    I couldn't think of a movie for today, I'm doing a bit of work. However, I did dig up just a few amusing movie taglines:

    Dead Men don't wear plaid:
    "I'd been shot so many times you could use my shirt as a tea strainer"

    Predator 2:
    "He's coming to town with a few days to kill"

    "Eight legs, two fangs and an attitude"

    The Mummy's Shroud:
    "Beware of the cloth-wrapped feet"

    "Don't pronounce it, see it!"

    Back to work. Goody! Beatles on the radio! la la la she says she loves you, and you know that can't be bad...
  • not toooo much wasted but went to a fancy arty cinema that has a nice resteraunt in town, whereas if it was just me i would have gone to my multiplex where i have das unlimited 'multipass'

    didnt even get a cuddle out of it :(

    och well
  • was watching the usual suspects again at the weekend, and was reminded how umuch i love the Dave Kuyon monologue to Verbal Kint in their office.

    Kuyon—I want that name.
    Verbal—The DA gave me immunity.
    Kuyon—not from me asshole, you get no immunity from me. every man i have ever put in prison, every cop that owes me a favour, every creep and scumbag that works the streets for the living will know the name of Verbal Kint. Now you talk to me, or that so-called immunity they've seen fit to grant you, won't be worth the paper the contract put out on your life is printed on.


  • Shock horror! What a er- cow!
    Excellent stuff, TUS!

    Or this exchange:
    [Keaton is introducing quiet Verbal to the other suspects in the cell]
    Keaton: His name is Verbal. Verbal Kint.
    McManus: Verbal?
    Keaton: Yeah.
    Verbal: Roger, really. People say I talk too much.
    Hockney: Yeah, I was just about to tell you to shut up.

    gotta go! gig with the wellesley gals!
  • sweet.

    been watching Japanese Story this morning, with Toni Collette.

    I wasn't watching with Toni Collette, sadly, she was in the film.

    fantastic, funny, emotionally gut-wrenching movie. I absolutely loved it but havent heard much love for it elsewhere so maybe it was just my mood but it really grabbed me.

    it just takes you places you don't expect to go and also some lush scenery.

    plus Toni Collette is the most agonisingly wonderful human being ever. i just want to put her in an eggcup and eat her for my tea.
  • I saw that last year! Totally unexpected outcome, wasn't it? Defnitely gut-wrenching.

    Speaking of Japanese, I really liked the strangely weird "Battle Royal" (also known as "Batoru rowaiaru"). I heard that there was a sequel...:o

    Anyway, really gotta go! Have a good one!
  • Best line in any movie ever... ever... (This week)

    Girl: What are you rebelling against Johnny?

    Johnny: What have you got?

    10 points for the Movie

    20 points for the Actor

    50 points for the type of motorbike he rode

    100 points for the amount of years a British audience was banned from seeing the film

  • The Wild One


  • 14 years

    (had to look that one up sorry)
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