• Well done Sass!

    "Love being in control, for the first time in years." It's a good feeling, isn't it? :D

    I've got my second alcohol-free birthday coming up in a couple of weeks. I spent last year's one digging holes in Buckinghamshire. It wasn't easy (only 45 days in), but it was OK. My colleagues and I went out for a pub meal in the evening, but as they'd only ever known me as a non-drinker it was easier than it might have been. This year is going to be interesting, as I'm back at university, which is associated with drink and drugs for me anyway, since that was pretty much all I did before my wee get-a-job-and-sort-yourself-out sabbatical last year. With all that's been going on lately, it might be a bit of a psychological struggle. Still, it's easier for me these days, so I suppose I'm in no position to whinge about it. *gets coat*

    How's your dropped b@llock, JD?



    Fly free, Andrew.
  • Morning Sass and all

    61 alcohol free days for me and still trying to work out the rules I'm setting myself - can this really be a life thing?

    L's Birthday is in a couple of weeks too. I know she mentioned whether she was going to drink or not.

    The dropped b@llock has been rectified but I imagine the client is still pi$$ed off. Just waiting to hear from them <action of biting nails>. I never made a mistake before - this clean lifestyle is obviously making me over confident
  • Morning all!

    <Picks up something fluffy off floor, picks off said fluff and hands it back to JD> Found yer bollock hun, soz about that, have cuffed little boy and hubby around earole for ya. :)

    Day three for me and doing just fine. Only struggle is between 6-9pm, by 9 I don't fancy a drink anymore.

    Did my 3 miles to gym, workout and 3 miles back this morning. How much hassle did I get off the road workers this morning! They only stopped the traffic with there stop and go signs to let me through! How embarrassing!!!

    SW: You're story and attitude gives me so much hope, you have no idea. I think he feels guilty alot. We never talk in bed or anything else for that matter because he passes out too (was that too much information?). Anyway, thanks, it means alot!

    Nice to see you again Sass :)

    I think I may be feeling a bit more cheerful as the alcohol is getting out of system ... I did read it was a depressant, but I'm really chirpy this morning. Maybe its the sun and the daffodils :) (see, lots of smiley things!)
  • Morning FF - thanks for that I was looking for it everywhere!

    Actually are you sure it's mine?

    Glad too here your fine - but as i've said before you're consuming 40pc proof hubby breath.
  • lol! I see that as a sort of nicoteine patch JD (alcohol inhaler). Helps reduce the side effects of withdrawal....hey I could market him!

  • I'd make very sure that it is yours before you do anything with it, JD. That could lead to all sorts of awkward situations.

    I'm still trying to work out the rules...I always said I'd start drinking again when I stopped needing to, but I don't know if I'll ever get there. Plus it leaves you open to your own brain playing tricks on you.

    Smiley things are good, FF. :) Try bouncing as well - it gets you some odd looks, but it doesn't half feel good!



    Fly free, Andrew.
  • Think it may have been the bouncing that got me into trouble with the roadworkers this morning Buns!

    Off to get some car tax now, that'll sort my smiley mood out!

    See you all later.

    <bounces off in her best tigger style>
  • What with b@llocks and bouncy bits my brain is reeling!

    I agree with Bunbury - I haven't said never again, that seems too scary. But the thought of starting again also seems scary so I'll just bobble along in between for a while. I think gradually as your mates accept it it can get a bit easier. It's odd how everyone is so supportive to someone giving up fags but give up booze and they just don't seem to get it. I've now done a Christmas, a holiday (that was weird), a birthday and a Thomas event at work which is usually enough to send the mildest drinker in search of more. So I reckon I'm getting somewhere.
  • Thats fab SW! I can't imagine doing a holiday without alcohol ... not sure if I want to actually. I would though if it meant supporting me ol man.

    (here I am getting excited at the thought of him quitting and it aint gonna happen)

    As a kid I tried alcohol and it really didn't taste nice, but I forced myself to drink it because it was cool. The same with cigarettes, think I vomitted my way through the first week of trying to become a hardened smoker at 13 years old! I'm sort of hoping that, if you give up for long enough, alcohol goes back to tasting like sh*te. I've only quit smoking since Sept last year and already, that smells bad.
  • I'm sure it doesn't taste like sh*te at all - still smells very nice but nicer still are the things I can do because I don't drink. That becomes much stronger after a while, or at least I've found that. It's only very occasionally I miss it now. Fr'instance, there's a really nice new pub just opened here, all non-smoking and something like 9 hand pumps. Walking past it last night I got a pang of 'Ooh, that would be nice.' And it would until I felt crap later. But there's no easy answers for any of it!
  • So, JD, Buns, SW: Are you saying that you couldn't just have a couple of pints, enjoy them, and go home? Or are you saying that you're too scared to find out?
  • Blimey, that's not an easy one. Hmmm. <thinks> Frankly, I'm not sure. There are times when I've just had a couple of pints and gone home. Usually I've then bought a bottle of wine on the way home and then had at least some if not all of that as well. It's getting the taste that does it I think.

    What I am scared of is not necessarily the first time of going and having a pint or two - and right now that's probably all i could manage. What I am really very scared of is the habit of drinking regularly and too much sneaking up on me again. I'm well aware of how much the government guidelines allow a woman my age to drink but once I've started I want more than that. As far as I can see that's why wine comes in bottle the size it does. Beer comes in pints for another good reason. And these are the quantities I used to like to drink. So I don't want to start again yet because I know the habit isn't broken strongly enough.

    <phew, need a cup of coffee now after all that thinking>
  • Sorry SW. Didn't mean to stress you hun! Well I managed day 3 of tea total and am working the next three nights so that will be nearly a week.

    Have a good weekend you lot. See you Tuesday. That'll be a difficult night for me.

  • Another Friday night out on the mineral water and a lot more questions - which to be honest I didn't have the answer.

    So in answer to your question FF I don't know. What I do know is that I like myself better without a drink which is funny because friends, partner, family and the cat all seem to think I'm great fun (I think this is a ploy to get me drinking again) with a couple in side of me.

    Anyway I know myself that I can't make the decision to stop after a couple of glasses and agree with SW 100% about the fear of drinking sneaking up on you.

    The idea of a couple of pints of Timmy Taylor's on a Sunday afternoon or a glass of wine makes me want to drink again and maybe that is something I'll do but at the mo I'm happy with the 'off the booze' tag.

    Last night a friend turned to me and said - "so you think you're an alcoholic?" I don't think I am but I definatley don't want to be one - and maybe lurking in the back of my mind is a little voice that knows it could be on the cards.

    Anyway another night out tonight and a lot more questions - I might just start lying -

    Do people give up booze for charity?

    Is there a rare South American disease that I picked up on my travels that's made me allergic to the stuff? or has NASA told me that it's illegal to consume alcohol 48hrs before a flight?
  • I think I'm with you JD. I don't think I am an alcoholic, but I could easily see my drinking leading me that way. At least if you don't drink you definately know you're not one!

    Actually, I love the taste and the thought of relaxing with a glass of wine, but I really don't enjoy even the slightest fuzziness in my head. I battle daily with a fuzzy head at the best of times and don't need alcohol to make that any worse.

    I'm enjoying being able to stay off the booze (yes I know it's only been four days, but I only drank Tuesday night and before that it was the previous Fri, so think I'm doing fine).

    Just for the record JD, I think you're great fun without the booze inside you. You make me laugh on a regular basis. I think alcohol just makes you find other peoples cr&p jokes funny and thats why they like you to drink. Not wanting to partake in a mind altering drug is your choice and you shouldn't be made to feel bad about that!
  • Hi - Morning allll

    How was everyones weekend?
  • Filled with numbers. I found myself wrestling with trigonometry for the first time since Standard Grade maths lessons. Foul beyond measure. It's almost enough to drive a man to drink. However, the exercises have now been handed in, apart from the one I couldn't do, and I'm past caring.

    In response to your question, FF - I'm not sure that I could have a couple of drinks and go home. I'm an optimist, so sometimes I think I could, but the voice of reason has its doubts. Also, I know that I AM an alcoholic, so to have one drink could be dangerous. I've got to the point now where I don't feel the need any more - I still WANT a drink, but I don't NEED it. I'm fairly sure, though, that if I have one drink, the ache will be back, and I really don't want that. I know I'm strong enough to deal with it, as I've done it once, but I see no point in putting myself through it. I hope I never forget how horrible it was, but I never want to live through it again. So, while I MAY be able to have a couple of pints and stop at that with no problems, at the moment the risk is far too great.

    How's everyone else been?


  • Hi Bunbury - how's the knee?
  • A bit on the sore side, but no more so than usual. It's irritating rather than incapacitating. No cramp this morning, anyway!

    How's tricks?
  • Bunbury Hi - yep everything's fine .

    Now watching Monday slip away without much done - most of the morning spent filing pieces of paper which I will probably throw away in a months time.

    It might be worth having someone look at your knee and maybe suggest a support. I used those elasticated tube bandages for a while and i'm sure they did more harm than good- they would gather behind my knee and cause all sorts of discomfort.

    Anyway it sounds quite serious - ligament ouch!
  • Cheers. I may yet do that. I'm still on regular check-ups from the doc after last year's illness, so I might mention it again next time I see him and see what he says. Can't hurt to ask. At the moment I'm wearing a tubigrip thingy with tape over it, which does seem to be doing the trick. It still hurts, but my knee hasn't given way completely for a while. Touch wood.

    Knees are tricky things. I think it's chronic rather than serious - it ain't going to get any better, but it probably won't get worse as long as I keep an eye on it.

    Unproductive Mondays...gotta love 'em.


  • A chap I knew had his ligament repegged - if that makes any sense - (normally I'd be drawing an illustration)

    I've just noticed there's a review for Enell sports bras which gives then 4 out of 5. Now that I know all about them FF and Laura are nowhere to be seen.

    (They come in a range of colours)
  • A range of colours? Is that for the exhibitionists amongst us? I always thought underwear was underwear. Or is it a girl thing?

    Repegged? I don't know what that means, but it sounds faintly alarming.
  • Yep - I'm very squeamish (I've already passed out a couple of times thinking about it)

    They drilled a hole through the bone and stretched the ligament through it and pegged it. I guess it just realined everything.

    Like I say I'm not really sure what happened as when he told me I was hopping around with my fingers in my ears trying to humm God save the queen.

    *If anyone knows this operation and what it consist of please let us know as I will be sitting down when reading.

  • Sorry to be the one to break it to you Bunbury but underwear does come in a range of colours.

    I am quite conservative in my choice but I believe the young turks even where leopard print.
  • Eeuw! Thanks Jammie! I hate thinking about knees. There's a woman I work who knacked her ligament skiing so badly it had to be reattached and then a couple of years later she did exactly the same and had to have it reattached. Yes, she is actually stupid. I'd say that about very few people but she's the one.

    As for underwear, I work with a guy who reckons you can tell that your marriage is beginning to unravel when your wife stops wearing matching underwear. This causes much amusement. Apparently grey doesn't count. But jolly knickers are great fun. I particularly like spotty and stripey ones. I've got very boring bras though.
  • Spotty AND stripey!!!!

    At university I was collared by two very attractive girls from the fashion dept who were looking for someone over 6ft with a 28" waist (things have changed since) to sport a pair of trousers as the guy who was to wear them was ill.

    Anyway the pants that I had on were spotty - I still have no idea where they had come from and I blame unwanted Xmas pressies from my mother - lets just say I have never been so embarassed.

    Therefore pants have to be neutral - situations such as road traffic accidents and even trousers falling off in high winds could leave one open to ridicule.

    Even though - maybe boring pants = boring life - as since sporting the neutral shorts I've never been approached by strangers and asked to take my trousers off.
  • Well, there's a cautionary tale indeed! I hasten to add, not spotty and stripey at the same time. And maybe neutral is best for blokes. Have you ever noticed how blokes with hobbies which require wearing white trousers such as cricket or morris dancing so often to wear white undies? Not a good look.

    Being asked to take your trousers off by strangers is probably not a good way to go through life though. And what do you mean, things have changed? Is it the 6 foot bit or the 28" waist which has moved?
  • I'm now 4'6"
  • Spotty and stripey is just too much I agree.

    Do you think cricketers should wear coloured underwear?

    I don't know but isn't white quite safe if your a morris dancer - matches their hankies?
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