• Bunbury, great post, you are indeed an inspiration, really well done on stopping, you sound like you really went through it.

    I have tried so many times to quit, I get so far then life chucks something at me and I fold, I really must stop folding of I wont have a life at all..

    The stupid thing is, I know what I am doing to my body, but keep on doing it.
  • all - i want to reply properly but have had to do work this afternoon (what surprise as I am at work!) but want to say hang in there Gaz-i do know how you feel to a certain extent - being euphoric and really low the next is not good- being numb isnt great either, but being neutral with semi highs and lows is better...again cant suggest anything excpet what fat fyes says- you need to get out there, but its hard to tell yourself there are people worse off when you are in that frame of mind. But youve got to hang on to that and raelsie that yoou are a good person. Im not trying to be all gushing, but even from words on a computer screen I can see that you are articulate and intelligent. Bunbury I can really emphasise with you. I ahd a year like that-at the time you think its fun, now not so.
    Fat fyes-woo hoo, join me!
  • FF, today has been good for me, having read a lot of other peoples stories has given me a boost knowing that I am not alone.

    Good idea sticking up notes, the one in the wallet is really good.

    Thanks so much for your not drinking support, I will do my very best to stay with you......
  • I appreciate the honesty and time to write about your own experiences - I've just got back from a run having spent the whole time thinking about this forum.

  • Laurac, aww shucks.....thanks.

    That is my main problem, being a loner, I am not a team player, I suppose thats why I like running.
    I know I must put myself about more, I am always saying to myself that todays the day, but it never is, I get fired up then back down.

    I think if I can get to 2 or 3 weeks not drinking the depression will have lifted and I will have a better chance of doing this.
  • If its anything like giving up smoking Gaz I think its best to set a date to stop. Giving up on impulse never seems to work. I'm sure there's meds to help too (like nicotein replacement), but you'd have to go to Doc for that I think and I'm not sure how acurate that is. Really think you need some outside support though.

    I got angry that not only was I a slave to a substance (nicotein), I was also making the government a lot of money in the process. Lets face it, if they didn't make as much money on cigarettes and alcohol they'd have banned it ages ago. Refuse to conform Gaz!! Rebellll!!
  • Although I am a loner, when I lived in Leeds before I got married I had a large circle of friends, thinking about it they where all drinking friends, I never realised it before, I had no friends outside of drinking....
    Then I got married and moved to the North East, lost contact with all my friends, never made any real friends up here, just work colleagues, lost contact with them now.
  • I read a book by Allen Carr about giving up alcohol, while reading the book you had to keep on drinking then as soon as you finish the book you have your last drink, then you have quit, I felt really good on finishing the book and It did work for a couple of weeks but I caved in again, but the book has worked for a lot of people.
  • Just like to say that I managed to avoid opened bottle of red wine and was on the hot squash all night. That was harder than I thought it would be and I slept like an insomniac!
  • The sleeping thing gets better FF. I've been off now for erm.... (if I have to think, it can't be that bad can it?!) thirteen days and I am sleeping like a baby! Persevere.

    Hi Gaz!
  • Um, a 'good' baby, that is!
  • fat fyes-well done on the not having red wine! i cant have it in the house or else i would drink it...went to pub last night and had an orange juice and hot chocolate-am pleased as i dont feel rubbish at work today and regretting what i may have said...

    gaz-you may be a "loner" but to some extent a lot of people are (i dont know waht the rest of you think but i reckon a lot of runners are) but it doesnt have to be a negative thing....there are people out there like you - you dont need your drinking friends from leeds and you certainly dont need your ex.

    jammie dodger-how far did you go on your run?
  • Laurac - not far, four/ five miles - it was bl***y cold though

    I took 20 mins running to warm up and then 20 to get home.

    I work from home so I'm planning a lunchtime saunter if I think the deadlines will get hit.
  • Crikey (sp) Laurac I've just read your profile. Twenty five to fifty two races a year. I'm suprised you have time to drink!

    or is that Jamesons in that water bottle?
  • ha, ha!!well, i do run a lot...races include club cross countries and handicaps so not all road "national" ones...but thats the problem...i could be a lot better if i stopped drinking...people say "yes but youev got to have a life" but running is my life (oh dear) and ive done so many races on a hangover i dont want to do it anymore. and plus for the last few months ive hurt my back so not been running so been drinking more in the evenings as been fed up...but as im not running at moment doesnt mean i should be descending into alcohol oblivion which is where i was heading only last week!! i went to a wedding and really showed myself up by saying things i shouldnt have..then sunday went to leeds for the weekend (am in london) and was still visibly drunk on the train home on sunday the time i thought it was funny...i realise now its a bit sad...anyway, NO MORE so thats ok.

    id love to work from home, no tubes (enough to drive you to drink!) and running at lunch. lovely. have a good one! 5 miles is good enough!
  • Working from home sounds great but I started using high octane coffee to get myself going in the morning and then a glass of red wine as air brakes in the evening to calm down in the evening with no time for running in between.

    I'm sorry the wedding went a bit wrong - I'm sure as long as you didn't insult the bride all will be O.K. (please tell me you didn't insult the bride? )anywaywith a bit of positive thinking and your new found temperant nature I'm sure you can rewrite history in your mind where you become the whit of the piece.

    My Mum used to say that my problem was that I was over enthusiastic about life, and that's how I was/am about drinking - as long as we're having a good time I don't think of looking for the brakes.

    I hope your back is not too serious and can get better without the use of the shiraz musle relaxant.
  • Hi all,

    feeling good today, no drink last night, hope you all are well...

    Hi Sass, we keep meeting all over the place :O)
  • Sass?? do you think the insomnia was because I hadn't had a drink then? thats worrying. yikes.

    Jammie, think I use wine as you do. black coffee at 0645. Drop four kids to four different schools. Go to gym until 12 or run. pick youngest up, do housework, pick others up, do dinner. Bottle of wine to unwind before bed, ready to start a set of three 12.5 hour night shifts starting Saturday night!

    I actually do feel better today and I'm sure I ran better this morning (ran to gym 3.5 miles, did 40 minutes weights, ran home from gym). Plus I could give my husband a really self righteous kiss goodnight.... bleedin drunk! (that I love)
  • Way to go Gaz! ((((GAZ))))

  • Fat Fyes, well done! :-D Resisting the temptation when you know there's a drink waiting for you is extremely hard.

    I think you're right about the "once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic" rule. If you have the right gene (or the wrong one), then alcohol changes your brain chemistry and sets up 'reward pathways', which give the feeling of satisfaction that you get every time you drink. As I understand it, that's effectively what addiction is. For this reason, I'm not an ex-alcoholic, but a recovering alcoholic. There may come a time when I can drink again, but if I'm being realistic, I doubt it.

    On support groups: I think it comes down to horses for courses. For a number of reasons, I don't think they would have worked for me, but they obviously do work for some people. If you feel that it would help, Gaz, then it's the right decision. If not, then you're much less likely to get anything out of it.

    "Write a list of when you drink and find a replacement hobby to fill in those times." I wholeheartedly agree. For me, that's running. :) It's something else to drive you and another thing that's more important than drink. If you want to kick it, then having a concrete, close reason is very helpful.

    "I have tried so many times to quit, I get so far then life chucks something at me and I fold." I know exactly what you mean. That's a very familiar feeling, which I still get from time to time, but I've come to realise that there's some real steel inside me somewhere. I am convinced that it's there in everyone - what you have to do is find it. Keep telling yourself about it - in your head, on paper, out loud - every time you feel as if you can't hang on, remind yourself that you can. Try getting other people to remind you as well - I'm sure everyone on here will, for a start. It sounds easy when I write it like this, and I know it's anything but, but it IS possible.


  • Gaz, nice one! :-D
  • Ta very much..FF and Bunbury.

    All I have to do is remember how good I feel when I dont drink......

    I know that if I quit, sorry when I quit, I will never be able to have another drink because I know where it will end.

    I have kept a diary for many mant years and I always write down when and how much I drink, not very good reading, especially when I could go back and work out how much I spent a year, drinking starts at 7.00pm on the dot and could last to at least 2.00am.
  • Well done Gaz - Fat fyes it's a cycle that is easily droken.

    A good nights sleep without booze to knock you out makes you feel less groggy in the morning and therfeore not as much need for the coffee cafine kick.

    They say that alcohol effects sleep patterns in a negative way anyway.

    Although hubbies fumes must help - just turn over and breathe deeply - only joking

  • Sorry the well done Gaz was in reference to the not drinking not to drinking from 7.00pm to 2.00 am
  • LOL JD! (that makes me think of bourbon??)

    I know if I drink too much I will be awake at 0300 on the dot downing pints of water.

    To be honest, 30 fags followed by beer and wine (his begins at 1830 and can continue into early hours of the morning as DID yours Gaz) doesn't make for the best breath. In fact I've started going top and tail, but have to swap around by about 0400 as both ends start competing for least pleasant environment to be around.....christ it must be love.
  • I wish I had the will to give up or cut down. But what do I do first - cut out the chocolate or the alcohol- I cant do both together?!
    PS as a dog i know i should have neither but a pint at the pub after run is no rewarding.
  • Molly needs to paw type better... she means a pint after a run is SO rewarding
  • molly- the alcohol!!!ive tried to go cold turkey on way!

    jammie dodger-wedding, i just told people something i shouldnt about someone else...the bride and groom werent involved thank god...but the person involved deserved it anyway-i wouldve said it sober, but i just regret not being rational or articulate enough to argue my point!and i know what you mean about being at home, when i was studying i caned the wine on my own when doing work! you are so right re. not putting on the brakes...i definietly think its a trait of some runners to be addicted to other things too previously. as ive said before, thats not so bad when its something positive, say study or exercise (although that too can be negative) but when you are over enthusiastic about alcohol, thats not so good. no need for vodka rub on my back today although really could do with a friday night drink.NO. am going to remember you lot and wake up tomorrow fresh as a daisy.

    Gaz-take it easy and think of us if you need a drink, come onto the forum...treat yourself to come chocolate (molly have some instead of a drink then we can phase that out too together!)

    banbury-wise words again, you know waht youre talking about!

    fat fyes-your bloke sounds charming. you sound nice!
  • Awww thanks Laurac. He has some really good qualities Laurac else I wouldn't be with him. When he's sober, he is the best house husband (he works full time, but is great at housework of the weekend) and daddy I've ever seen and worships the ground I walk on, he just screws it up at the end of every evening.
  • FF: if he worships the ground you walk on, could you, erm... 'occupy' him so that he's too busy to drink?

    More seriously (although it might work!), again, if he 'wtgywo' doesn't the idea of going to an early grave, apart from you, give him pause for thought?

    Is he competitive? Could you make the not drinking a competition between you?

    Not trying to be pushy - just concerned for you.
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