• You know.. I think life's too short to give up what you enjoy. Surely everything in moderation. 2 glasses or wine a day are supposed to be good for you.
    It's not as if those of us who are taking part in this discussion are couch potatoes, drinking...eating... and no exercise. Surely the exercise must counterract something!
    I've had 2 friends killed this last year in road accidents. 1 was out training. i now live life to the full and dont put off anything, including the glass(es) of wine.
  • Like I said Sass, he only 'wtgiwo' when he's sober and unless I 'occupy' him until gone 2 in the morning, the alcohol will always win (I may be fit, but not that fit)!!! nice thought though.

    No he's not competitive at all, he thinks I'm mad for running, giving up smoking, giving up drinking, etc.

    If it wasn't for the kids I'd probably be long gone if I'm totally honest. Running keeps me occupied whilst I'm waiting for them to grow up or him to make some changes, whatever comes first.
  • Molly
    er, for some of us , we DONT do booze in moderation, and thats why theres a problem for some of us
    Why arent we on the other booze thread on beginners?
  • I'm sorry everyone - what's 'wtgywo'?

    I know it may be a secret between SR and FF but it's driving me crazy and I know you don't want to drive me to drink!

  • Look it's Frday night and I can't move away from my lap top until someone expains 'wtgthingywhatsit'
  • 'worships the ground I walk on' I think JD

    pmsl .... go out and have fun ya nutta
  • pmsl, whats that ? stop it!
  • you asked
    piss myself laffing!
  • lmfao
  • 'I might fight an ostrich' - Hippo that makes no sense!

  • its an l
    er, look seriously
    why dotn you all go on giving up the booze thread on beginners forum
    loads of useful stuff on there
  • Hi Plodding Hippo

    The main reason I'm not joining the other thread is that I am now involved in fulfilling Laurac aspirations of being invited to friends/ celebrities weddings as a public speaker, Fat Fyes dreams of being invited on Richard and judy with Hubby to talk about being voted 'The Couple I would Most Like To Be" 2006, Gaz's forthcoming job as team coach/ player manager of newcastle united or England and the release of Bunbury's book 'How I Led Them All To The Light and other sidelines'.

    If you have a dream that is maybe not being realised due to too much sauce join our thread.

    P.S. another Saturday without booze- hope all are O.K.

    Gaz - how's it going - let me know if your not interested in the Newcastle job

  • Hi JD, and all......

    Cold, rainy, damp, fed up, alone, otherwise not too bad, looking forward to another night with no drink.......

    Sorry JD, I will have to turn down the Newcastle job, I would be no good as I am not really into football, strange for a bloke I know, I have no other aspirations..

    Well done on booze free last night....
  • ha, ha, yes jammie dodger...but you cant be a publ;ic speaker...only an usher!!

    plodding hippo-the main reason i am not on the other thread is simply because i started the thread without checking there was one already on the topic-impulse to shout "JOIN ME ON THE WAGON...!!"

    Molly-agree with plodding hippo,that is the whole point that some people cant do it in moderation and in fact dont "enjoy" life when doing it...they drink for other reasons...

    I have been away this weekend...hotel offered a bottle of champagne (due it being stupid valentines although thats not why i went away!!) and I said NO...and it was free!...i feel so much better today and all of this weekend. i did a slow plod for an hour and was thinking of the people on this thread and wondering how you were all getting on...unfortunately my sobriety is making me realise i need a new job!!

  • Laura - You've already got a new job - 'Head of the RW Temperance Society'

    What new job do you want? One where you can work from home and stare out the window and go on RW forum all day with nobody to tell you off? Sounds perfect!
  • JD-temperance-ha, ha, i'm not a good advert!! youve just described what i do at work anyway...go on RW forum and look out the window-my office, home=same difference,although there IS someone to tell me off! what do you do then?
  • I'm not sure what sort of job you do but can't you say your doing research.

    When I worked for a company I was always having to tell people off for their internet usage - most embarrassing moment was telling someone older than me not to look at the picture of girls with no clothes on urmm - playing the pink oboe. I don't know who felt the most awkward
  • Jammie Dodger - heehee. I'll let you know when the book is published.

    How's everyone getting on?


  • Hi Bunbury

    I think everyone is fine - Gaz is on the 'giving up the booze' ' thread as is PH. I'm not sure about Fat Fyse but I would hope she would join this tread again.

    Laurac popped her head above the radar on the other thread and i think she is doing fine.

    I'm still abstaining although the wine rack is getting fuller and fuller (every time my other half goes to the supermarket) no temptation to big yet though.

    Look after yourself.


  • Hi everybody

    actually been busy today! hoep we are all still on the wagon-its beem a week and a half ( a long while for me) got a boat party saturday-true test! do feel a lot better at the IS a positive thing and hopefull itll get easier??? you are right jammie-nothing positive has really happened to me when drunk either-thats depressing to think about, but i cant think of an experience where drink would have improved the situation somewhat.

    jammie-dont do it! i cant have wine in the house or in fact any drink...actually thats a lie as my housemate has a stock-but if i know its his then i dont touch it-and also its whiskey and i dont drink it (thats all i dont drink...)

    back is improving slightly, seeing another physio this week-probably shouldnt be running but cant not!
  • Hi all. Still here JD. I work all over the weekend through till Tuesday on night shifts, but I have to confess to having two glasses of wine on valentines night!

    Made me feel better about not being at a romantic restaurant but must admit, felt a bit guilty catching up with this thread.

    Sorry guys.

    PMSL at JDs run down of thread participants though!!
  • Hi Fat Fyes - welcome back to the fold, we've missed you.

    I don't think a couple of glasses are too bad - was hubby treating you for 'keeping him busy'? It was a plan even if it didn't work.
  • Hi all - good morning hope you are all well and not suffering hangovers.

    Went out for my first alcohol free curry last night. Now that's an experience I can tick off my list. Diet Cola isn't something I recomend but sparkling mineral water although refeshing leaves your taste buds open to asalt.

    All were drinking except a friend who was driving ( chose lemonade - jury's out on that one) everyone remarked that they never thought they'd see the day - the joke was wearing a little thin after a couple of hours.

    Anyway - Gaz you can flitter between both threads like a social butterfly if you want - I'm sure nobody minds - I'm glad to see your doing well even if you maybe dabbling with knitting talk.

    Laurac is it really only less than two weeks since you started this tread?I think after this weekend it will get easier - it did for me. (although other than mineral water I have yet to find my alcohol free tipple of choice - maybe that's what made me drink in the first place - (oh my God I'm thinking of Shiraz and it's only 11.30 AM))

    More coffee needed.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Cranberry juice is fab. It has a "bite" not unlike wine, it isn't too sweet so you don't feel sick after the third one, and it is surprisingly good with a curry (and cools your mouth to boot). Also loaded with vit C and, for the girlies, helps ward off Cystitis!

    Thanks to Egglet for getting me hooked on the stuff.

    My name is Nessie, and I'm a Cranberryholic.
  • Well done everyone. :D I'm really glad everyone's doing so well.

    Jammie - I remember the first alcohol-free curry. It ain't easy! Well done on neither lapsing nor thumping one of your mates - I know the feeling....

    Fat Fyes - you had two glasses of wine, but you didn't have three glasses, or twelve... Everyone loses their balance a bit occasionally: look at the positive side of it. :)

    Jammie's got me worried now. I hope I don't sound all evangelical.


  • nessie if thats all you are then youre laughing!!

    i hate sparkling water...that taste-yuck!

    i have been getting those comments-"fancy that - you not drinking!" but i tell them thats precisely WHY im not drinking because i am always paraletic...really veered towards the wine last night as was fed up...but didnt do it....and i too woke up really needing a drink...i could even got o the pub now...the power of the brain to tell you that you NEED a drink....!

    fat fyes...thats fine...a couple of glasses with a nice meal is ok...if you can stop at that BUT GET BACK ON THE WAGON NOW! ha, only joking.

    jammie-started this thread a week and a half ago i think...

    and there for me there is no alcohol substitute that make you feel like booze does...but then hot chocolate doesnt give you the hangover and all the negatives too..i find too much diet coke makes me too hyper too....although that may be better than hammered!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Laura - well done on sticking to it last night.
  • I'm on 12 bottles of san pellegrino a week which I buy in bulk from the corner shop - next time I'll look out for the Cranberry stuff. Is it legal?

    Blokes can get cystitis too! I'm into equal opportunities when it comes down to inflammation of the urinary bladder.
  • Hi Bunbury - every time I might think your evangelical I look at the evil piccy of Side Show Bob and it scares me.

    What you've said on the thread makes a lot of sense and made me realise that people live without drink in their lives from day to day (and that people drink and don't drink for different reasons.)

    Anyway - Bunbury carry on with trying to convert us :-)
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