• How did everyone get on over the weekend?

    A friend suggested Wagamamas for lunch and I instantly thought of an ice cold Asahi - ended up with elderflower.

    Still thinking of ice cold Asahi.

    Laura - how was your party?

    Fat Fyse - Does hubby know he's giving up the grog in March

    Nessie - Tried cranberry - mmmmm not sure....

    Gaz - glad to see you've done four days off

    Bunbury - halylouya brother

    Yep - still thinking of Asahi
  • Haaaayleloujah! *places healing hands against monitor* Redemption, only $200, brothers and sisters.

    Laurac - I still fancy a drink every day, if I think about it. I still struggle with it from time to time, but mostly it's ok. It doesn't muscle its way into my mind of its own accord any more; I have to be reminded of it, so it's a lot easier to ignore. It's the difference between "Y'know, I could murder a pint of Black Sheep" and "I need a pint! Right now!".

    Do your friends know what you're doing? These days everyone around me knows I don't (and won't) drink, and anyone new meets me as a non-drinker, which also makes things easier, as I don't get people offering me a pint or accidentally-on-purpose buying one for me.



    PS - If I were an alcoholic drink, I'd be a pint of real ale. In non-alcoholic terms, I'm definitely one of those squashy things that are 95% E-number.
  • hallo everyone...

    redemption for me bunbury is going to cost a lot more than $200....
    i am fed up AGAIN today as back is rubbish-went to see physio this morning so am poor and still no better! did a cross country race yesterday which shouldnt have done but u miss running and all that goes with it...

    the good news is that i didnt drink at all at the party, spent the whole night explaining why...thought itd drag but had a good time. and saw loads of states who reminded me why i hate getting blotto....did drink too much red bull so thats going to be cut out couldnt sleep...

    BAD NEWS is that i HAD A DRINK ON FRIDAY...ON MY OWN. how sad is that-went to a party and didnt but did on my lonesome. felt like a drug addict the morning after, all sorrowful and have learnt that it really doesnt make me happy-i was like a child with sweets...knew i shoudlnt be doing self resolve...but am more determined now.

    whats asahi? and what a squashy e number thing?

    and yes friends know what im doing now...and youre right it should be easier...told my mum to keep the wine shed bought me.
  • Asahi is a Japanese lager - Old Jammie Dodger used to quite like it but the the new improved 2006 model hates it and would rather drink elderflower water stuff.

    Bunbury - squashy thing? Real Ale mmmmmm.... I'd be a pint of Timmy Taylors (with all the alcohol taken out)

    I've found that the soft drinks are forgotten in rounds and I end up with a pint of Guinness or nothing.

  • didnt do rounds on saturday only spent £5-bargain!

    no disapproval for friday then? flagellate me please!! i need to be punished (no im not kinky but i do feel bad....)
  • £5!!!! how did you manage that?

    I'm sure you feel bad enough already - with the money you've saved we are a step closer to buying that tazer for our 'Stop FF's hubby smoking' campaign so if you feel too bad you could give yourself a zapp.

    You started this nonsense so no shirking
  • well everyone else bought me diet tube there...was on a boat so no other costs -i normally spend about £50!

    yes i did start this so so no whining from me!
  • did eat too many crisps to compensate though....
  • Good - I'm glad we've got that straight!!

  • Crisps! what flavour? Salt and Vinegar make your head itch and pringles of all kinds are full of something addictive t
  • i preferred your old jammie dodger...
  • I told you new Jammie Dodger new danger!
  • crisps are better than alcohol...have to have some vice...but will slowly wean myself off them too but not yet...
  • Don't tell me your starting a new thread for march - "I'm sick of crisps, they get stuck in my hair and make my bed all itchy - I know its two months late for detox but........."
  • no way- i love crisps and they dont make me feel as hungover as wine. and i like bacon flavour actually.

    banbury/JD/FF do you eat more when you dotn drink to over compensate?
  • Well done Laurac. :) It's fun spending the night explaining why you're not drinking. People get the idea pretty quickly though.

    As for the drink you did have - shit happens. Remember how you felt about it, though, and chances are you'll be less likely to do it again.

    Squashy thing...I don't know what they ought to be called, but the orange/blackcurrant/snozzberry squash-type drinks that are full of E-numbers and make children (and others) go bananas.

    Red Bull is an evil drink! In my drinking days I lost several weekends on it, though admittedly it was mixed with vodka.


  • 'Giving up the booze' has 9822 posts on it!!!

    We have 138 - I don't care how you feel this afternoon - post some nonsense!

    Snozzberries - do they still feature in the new film

    I agree about Red Bull - evil - Chambullss which is champagne and RB gives you an extra energy kick to get you into real trouble - just as the body wants to go home the brain takes you out for another 3 hours of mayhem ending with the awful fact that you can remember for weeks what a tw@t you've been.

    Hell....booze.....I hate that stuff.
  • Snozzberries...has anyone seen the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film? I haven't, so I can't comment.

    Quality over quantity, JD. Our thread is small, but it's perfectly formed. Be nice about its size - it's already got a bit of a complex. It probably got bullied at school. I bet the bigger threads used to steal its dinner money and give it wedgies.

    Keep at it!


  • You're all very welcome over next door you know ;o)
  • Bunbury - Thanks for your support and i agree - every post on our thread is of vital importance in the quest to stay on the wagon and not idle chit chat.

    It's Laura's thread anyway so maybe it isn't correct that my competitive streak kicked in at all. and they had a months head start (stop making excuses for the size)

    Veruca Salt didn't believe in snozzberries but if you say so.

    Haven't seen the film but how can you improve a classic - Gene Wilder still reigns supreme

  • Sass - say hello to Gaz from us - we're quite happy over hear - we've got crisps & dips and we're getting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on DVD out later!

    Your welcome round anytime but there's only bean bag room left on the floor but the screens big enough for all to see.
  • You're all quite mad :o))
  • Yes, but we're happy about it.... :P

    I never liked the original film. Loved the book, but thought the film was dreadful. *shrug* Chacun a son gout...pass the snozzberries, would you?
  • Just googled 'Chacuna son gout' appears to be a Robbie Williams tattoo ;-)
  • Hiiii!!!!!!!

    I watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last week whilst the kids were off school. Its really cool. Johnny Depps a great charlie and theres a bit of add lib to the story line! thoroughly recommend it!

    JD: Is that a new picture .... it's so much clearer!! or is that the lack of alcohol! No I haven't told Mr FF that March is alcohol free yet. Will do that tonight!

    Laurac: I think I eat more when I've been drinking actually. A couple of bitters and I fancy salty food (peanuts, crisps), get me really pi$$ed and I'm off for a kebab!

    Bunbury: Totally understand the Squishy E number thing (sunny D!!!, now with free spatula to peel your kids off the ceiling!). No thanks. Hot squash seems to keep me sipping all night, and I sleep a lot better.

    I only had 4 glasses of wine, ALL last week!!! I make sure that I'm not thirsty when I have my first glass and find I'm less likely to guzzle a whole bottle. I'm warming up for March!

    Hubby has informed me that he has cut down on drink and fags! ..... not sure he has though but at least it shows he's feeling uncomfortable.

    They're all very nice over on other thread but quite like our little groupy thing here. XX
  • Fecking big glasses in my cupboard though.
  • Hi FF

    Yep it's a new polo mint with aheart in it - only joking.

    The offer of the tazer is still on if you want but it sounds as if cutting down is the only direction viable f r hubby

    Is this the start of your 3 days onfor work - I can't remember?

  • Nope, just finished! Just got four nights off! :)
  • How many births have you caught with those safe hands of yours - Steady as a rock
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