• Laura - you sound a bit upset - I was only joking
  • ha, ha, no im not upset, i knew you were joking!!

    anyway, I DO hope that you havent had a drink yet? even if you had i wouldnt care...
  • I haven't had a drink - I went shopping yesterday and stocked up on Pellegrino so all's fine ( and bought some cat food)

    I'm shoked to hear you don't care - I'm sure you do really ;-(
  • I'm not shoked I'm shocked
  • ok yes i would care!! but id be even more shoked if you did drink
  • We'll have to come up with a meaning for 'shoked' as it isn't in the dictionary.

    Maybe it means - that queasy feeling after eating too many sweets.

  • Morning!! Nope hadn't been drinkling Laura. Had one glass of wine last night and didn't really enjoy it but I got like that just before I was due to give up smoking .... think its a psychological preparation thing.

    Mr FF however, polished off three bottles of wine and was sent to sleep in spare bedroom!!!!! FF not happy at all.

    Dropped the four kids off to there four different schools this morning, ran to the gym, did 45 minutes heavy weights and ran back IN THE SNOW!

    FF feeling better now.

    How are YOU??? :) <big manic smile>
  • Hi Fat Fyse - Good Morning!

    Three bottles on a school night - How are you/him this morning?

    ell me he's at least got a head ache or I'll be upset
  • Nope, he doesn't get hangovers!!! He gets up at 6 goes to work and comes home at 1830, no problem. I think he's what you call a functioning alcoholic!!

    I'm OK, I just think I was getting my hopes up that maybe he was making an effort to cut down.

    Started my own blog this morning!
  • What does he do? - I hope he's not my dentist or a heart surgeon - Crikey.

    I don't/ didn't get hangovers except on very rare occasions but I know I had a fuzzy feeling - a I'm not really her thing going on - probably would of never run if I had suffered too bad.

    Striking out with your own thread ehh - just popped to have a look - sorry I can't help much but ill fitting pants makes me rather touchy - Calvins' or Ted Baker 's sorted that though. Not much help

  • He's a Golf Pro by trade (thus the drinking lifestyle). He's now the manager of a printing company and a bit of a workaholic at that. It's amazing how well he copes really.

    With regards to my 'thread' was just testing to see if anyone else had problems with this form of contraception or whether its just me looking for an excuse for being so horrible. Fact is, if I keep sending Mr FF to sleep in spare room, contraception shouldn't be an issue really!

    Perhaps you could start a thread on Ill Fitting Pants Causing Mood Swings!

    Mr FF is distant when he's drinking, doesn't talk to me or even acknowledge me after the first bottle and gets grouchy if I demand a response. Generally I end up going to bed at 2130 and reading. FF not a happy bunny :( If it wasn't for the kids I'd be gorn!
  • Running helps!
  • Gave up the drink in August 2003, and not looked back since; no better feeling than crossing a marathon finish line. I know what it's like to get drunk, and deal with the hangover - doesn't beat the marathon finish line!!!
  • Ill fitting pants and mood swings- I already have the solution.

    Sorry things arn't too great at the mo <blokish don't know what to say look on face>

    I tried looking for a quote of the day but couldn't find one - wheres bunbury when you need him?

  • Like I said JD. Running helps!! I'm fine and cheerful honest. I'm saving my life for my 40's and I can't wait!!! I'm running and watching what I'm eating now to make sure I can still pull when I'm 40 (I've heard its the new 30!). Now, lets get back to some light hearted banter shall we! :)

    Welcome Gareth! This is the slightly quirky drinkers/ex-drinkers thread and I agree with your sentiment 100% (Not that I've made the marathon line yet, but I'm up to 13 miles with my training).

    Mr FF said he didn't want me to run a marathon....said he thought it wasn't 'healthy'!!! You know that bit on the Lion King when Scar tells simba that whatever he did he mustn't go to the 'Elephant Graveyard'......FF secretly training for FLM next year (if I get in). I love my rebelious nature, makes me feel in control when it looks like I've lost it!
  • Good luck on the marathon training - well worth doing at least once and if your up to 13 miles in training you'll do it easily for next year.

    I followed the RW marathon training diary from the 1st of Jan and it was fine. It does take over (the RW diary not the marathon ) your life slightly as I planned everything around it even taking days off work to do the longer of the runs.

    Are you hidding your Runners World under the mattress?

    Trainers behind the watertank?

    Stealing and lying to support your habit?

  • pmsl. I have one pair of trainers that he knows about (I have two other identical pairs hidden so that he doesn't realise how many I have!).

    Last night he said, 'let me guess, you're reading another running book?' When I said yes and argued that it was my hobby, he said 'I used to be your hobby!' Yeah right, like when!

    I'm not stealing or lying, I'm just being economical with the truth and training when he thinks I'm in bed after a night shift and he's at work. I don't plan on doing a great time with the marathon, I just want to do one, especially now he's said I'm not to.

    so neeehhh! What's he gonna do? leave me? bovvvvverrrrrreed!

    sh*t think my hormones may be getting out of hand again <runs upstairs and grabs an HRT tablet>.

  • <runs down stairs and grabs the dictionary>

    Ahh there it is HRT - Haemorrhoid Rate Therepy - still in the dark
  • *hears the call and appears suddenly from behind a bush*

    How about another WH Auden poem?

    "You're a long way off from becoming a saint
    As long as you suffer from any complaint,
    But if you don't, there's no denying
    The chances are that you're not trying."

    Apologies for my quietness: I was actually about to respond about an hour ago, but was forcibly removed from the place where I was working. It's a long story, but I am NOT in a good mood. Internal politics and bloody irrationality. *explodes*

    JD - I'm an archaeologist (ex-pro digger and now student) and am meant to be writing views of the English landscape, which I can do til the cows come home. It's my own project and I can waffle joyously about it for hours. However, I rather stupidly signed up to do a course on archaeological surveying as part of my degree. It's fine in principle, but the last three weeks have involved things that I did every day when I was a field archaeologist, so it feels like a waste of (rather a lot of) time. I rather resent standing in the freezing cold for an hour brandishing a measuring stick in order to practise something I could do with my eyes shut. I'd also like to be able to sit and do what I do best - write - rather than buggering about with pages of surveying data.

    *sigh* Sorry guys, not a good day for Bunburies. Can I have one of your jammie dodgers please, JD? I think I need it.

    Peace (it's here somewhere, I'm sure),

  • Great new image B.

    I bet your the fastest cross country archaeologist in your class! Here... have a jammie dodger or a jaffa cake if you like?
  • Thanks. I'll go with the jammie dodger. I wonder how jammy I can make this ere keyboard.

    I'm glad you like the image. The temptation was too great to resist.
  • Laura will be upset - she must be busy -we normally have at least a couple of posts by now.
  • Oestrogens kicking in. Feeling betterer now! Back from the school run and have house full of kids to cheer me up!

    Hi Bunbury! That does sound frustrating. Still thats academics for you, you have to be enthusiastic about something you don't give a sh*te about to get those letters after your name though, then when you do get to writing about what you love, people will pay more attention and give more respect to what you have to say.

    Quote of the Day:

    Cheer up yer 'ol bugga
    Worse things happen at sea ya know!

    Monty Python.

    Not quite as sufistikated as you Buns.

  • hallo all

    yes indeed i have been actually doing some work today STILL not happy as back is agony....its been going on for 2 months now and i need to get back training properly. have run out of ideas of who to see now...anyway, enough to a freud seminar tonight for something to do maybe i can learn something to sort out your hubby FF? he sounds not so nice to you-he should support you, not belittle your obvious attempts at being fit and something you love. are you waiting till you can start "living" till your 40s cos of the kids? i do feel sorry for you. havng on in there...oyu derve better.

    Bunbury-what you do sounds really interesting...i wanted to go into academia (i studied theology) but as always get swept along and money mainly takes you other ways.

    Gareth-welcome! yes its true crossing any race line beats a hangover or even the buzz of alcohol but its when you cant run (like me now) that you realise how much you miss that feeling.

    JD-I have just had a jammie dodger! lovely. could eat the whole packet.

    heres to another alcohol free night!
  • Yep, you're right FF. It is a means to an end. I think I'm just a wee bit stressed at the moment and irrational and political Heads of Department don't help the situation. I've got a friend to meet me in the pub after work, so I'll have a couple of J2Os and chill out. These are the days when I miss alcohol the most, but hey, life moves on.

    Sufistikated? Well, the quotes WERE from WH Auden, but on the other hand, the first one was about going down on someone...



    I met my love by the gas works wall
    Dreamed a dream by the old canal... ;)
  • whats the photo of bunbury or am i being thick?

    enjoy the J20s...without vodka....
  • See, sufistikated porn! Shame how office politics can get in the way of enjoying an otherwise dream career (I can sympathise).

    Hiya Laura! bless you. I know I deserve better, but to be honest, if he didn't drink so much I'm sure I'd be happy with Mr FF (even if he is 12 years older than me, going grey and flabby, I still love him). In the meantime, yes I'm waiting for kids to be a bit older (when I'm 40 they will be 22, 21, 18 and 12), then if its still the same, I'm outa here! Unless things get unbearable.

    Sorry about your back hun, I had shin splints for a while and just couldn't cope without running. Running is my release valve and the stupid thing is, if I couldn't run, I wouldn't still be in my marriage, so Mr FF doesn't realise what he's asking for when he gets jealous of my running.

    Lets all get im with the tazer.

  • Hi

    Laurac - it's Shane macgowan in ref to earlier post - I must admit it's a bit stretched

  • I thought it was just the general Shane McGowanness that made it look like that, but on closer inspection, it is a bit stretched! The quote at the end of my last post was the first two lines from 'Dirty Old Town'.

    I've just left the pub and am now in a library, faffing for a bit before going home. Felt more like a drink tonight than I have for a long time, but hey, I probably look like one too.

    Tomorrow's going to be fun. This afternoon's machinations from academics will put the librarian (my colleague) near explosion point. She wasn't here this arvo but I told her about said shenanigans, so she has time to get used to it before the morning. Hopefully that'll stop her going off at the deep end on my behalf, but who knows? I think I'll have to feed her coffee (possibly diluted with Valium) to keep her on an even keel and ensure that no students get their heads accidentally bitten off. Ah, the wonderful world of universities.

    I'm off home now - up at six to run. :D Now there's a positive thought to end with. :D



    Was Christmas Eve babe, in the drunk tank
    An old man said to me: won't see another one...
  • To my shame I own a pogues record/CD - read your lines and went to find it.

    I hour later - no work done - put CD in machine and it's scratched. When I bought this thing tomorrows world was spreading jam on the bl@@dy things and saying they were indestructable.FFS!!!!

    Therefore, although I have a full set of lyric sheets I can not answer you with a verse as I'm too Pi$$ed off.

    Today has been a F^ck up - not because of the pogues but just people in general querieing invoices and stuff while I'd rather be on the RW forum.

    Anyway I've got a meeting in london tomorrow with a whisky company - Maybe I'll tell them they are peddling in misery (only joking)

    Hope your day goes well tomorrow Bunbury - I'll pick up tomorrow evening to find out what happened
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