• <Jammie puts fingers in ears and starts to hum>
  • ive just bought one for £45-rip off!! so will have to buy from there the next time-its well worth it i promise you.

    JD-you know you love it really.
  • F'enell Laurac!! Thats expensive!

    <looks at JD mischeivously and whispers 'bum! boobs, titties! belly buttons!'>

  • <Jammie Dodger stops humming and takes fingers out of ears>

    What did you say?
  • pmsl! nuffin! :)
  • children, children!!!

    FF-is worth it (thats what im telling myself) as need a new one to get in gym this month as am FAT FAT FAT!! its black as well so wont be as minging as the white one.

    dont you want one JD and bunbury?

    very useful for fell running...

    FF-id like to have a go at adventure racing which involves biking, running and kayaking...but when i can actually run again!

    Im arranging for a group to do a kayaking weekend in hertfordshire if any of you are interested in may...its £75 for the course....
  • ps if you want to see what i look like and are really bored then have a look at the trent park running club website and look at meet the committee and im social secretary....
  • Laura! you aint fat hun!

    Shame its so far away, I'd like that!

    It's bloomin Snowing down here!
  • i am now FF-no running=fat moo...

    where are you again?

    snowing? it did threaten it earlier...but then the smog blew it away...

    anyone running tonight?

    i am off to spend yet more money at the osteopath...woo hoo!

    JD-save a jammie dodger for me please for tomorrow.

    I wont be here on thursday and friday so my silence doesnt mean im drinking myself silly just that im not at work!
  • I'm in Swanwick (near Southampton, right on the River Hamble). Looks like its laying too!

    Tried to send you picture of Fatfyes Laura but couldn't send attachment (not very good with computers).

    Not running today, but if I'm feeling less flu like tomorrow, I'll go fora long run I think.
  • in answer to your earlier question, if its a cold i say run through it, but take it very easy and listen to your body, dont end up killing yourself. if its still snowing be extra careful! have a good evening!
  • Crikey - what have I missede - gone for 10 mins and it all goes on
  • Missed <takes fingers out of ears and puts on serious glasses>
  • That's great! I start to concentrate and you all go home.

    <walks off in huff slamming door on the way out>
  • <looks round door to make sure they've not come back>
  • Sorry JD! Tescos man was delivering my non alcoholic supplies for the week (soda water, lime juice, diet cola, apple juice....and a bottle of wine for tonight!)

  • back now!
  • How did you get on last night at the ostrich thing?
  • It's a new and improved, alcohol free Fat Fyes guys!!! (once I get last nights bottle out me system).

    Been on a 6 mile run this morning.

    Feeling positive!

    How are you all??
  • Very well thanks - so this is it! We've kept your seat warm on the wagon for you - I'm sure you can fit in over there.

    Is it March, lent or a life thing?
  • errrmmmmm! I'm thinking a life thing ish. I don't intend on being tea total all my life, but I'd to go back to alcohol being for special occasions and going out and stuff if that makes sense.

    But we'll see how I go in March first.

    It's also a reality check to see what I'm doing with my marriage if I'm honest.
  • good-clear head, clear life....although now im sober, ive still nto sorted my life out!

    JD-osteopath-yet another £30 but looks promising, he said that its been caused by various factors, including overtraining and its causing me to stoop- the pain in my neck is caused by my neck overcompensating for the lower back muscles.

    anyway, eh did some adjustments and am going back next week so hoepfully i will be sorted and able to run again properly very soon. after my appalling run in the nationals on saturday i thought i either wanted to give up or really concentrate on getting fit again so i hope to do the latter! its going to be hard though...
  • Eh up.

    Not too bad, thanks, FF. Still getting used to what happened on Friday, but we'll get there. I'm trying to run it all away.

    I took the plunge this morning and joined a gym. My induction's on Sunday, so I can't use the gym itself yet, but I can go swimming, which I did today. First time in years! So now I've got something to do on my non-running days. :)

    Welcome to the wagon, FF. Pour yourself a fruit juice and make yourself comfortable.



    Fly free, Andrew.
  • what gym bunbury?

    are you going to the funeral?
  • That sounds promising Laura. :) It must be really annoying not being able to do yourself justice. I hope it works out.

    Fell-running bras...the mind boggles. Actually, at 32 quid a pop, for the first time in my life I'm glad to be pigeon-chested... :P
  • It's one in Sheffield. Well, three in Sheffield, sort of linked, like. One of them has an Olympic pool for me to do my graceful doggy paddle in. :)

    I won't be at the funeral, as I didn't know him well, so I don't think it would be appropriate. I'm planning to write to his wife (also an academic) when all the hoo-ha has died down, to let her know that he made an impression.

    I think everyone's a bit shaken up by it. The name-plate for his office door arrived on Monday. :-(


  • Thanks you lot. (Sipping Green Tea at the mo :(, it must be an acquired taste)

    Laura: Hope you get your back sorted hun. Your fitness will return quite quickly though, and thats fun in itself. You're right about the clear head thing. Very often I've faced the issue of 'do I say something or do I open a bottle of wine and chill'. Hopefully, things will start to be said (that need to be)

    Buns: That sounds like a lovely thing to do Buns. Especially when a bit of time has passed and suddenly all her support is waigning and she starts to feel the lonliness. It will mean a lot to her I'm sure....really thoughtful ((Buns))

    32 quid was a bargain by the way!

  • Hi all - just back from checking a friends house

    L - glad to hear the man has a plan to get you back to 100% again

    FF - Clear head thing's a tricky one - as L said earlier on I think you start looking at everything afresh. I've got friends I don't see just because our friendship was all about going out and getting pi$$ed and at the mo. I'd rather (to be honest) do something else.

    Green tea sounds great.

    Bunbury - I don't believe a fell running archeologist could possibly be pigeon chested

    GD19 - If your there we didn't mean to scare you off.
  • FF - I've got my own green tea now AND a bowl of grapes - beat that!

    Is Mr FF aware of you plans (to give up booze for a month that is - not to leave him)

    This d@rn typing

    <shakes head and does action of manically typing while making sure not to spill tea>
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