Nike Cesium

Has anybody tried the Nike Cesium trainer? I've seen them advertised but can't seem to find any reviews on the web. At the moment I have some old Brooks motion control trainers that need replacing but want to try something a bit lighter, any help much appreciated.


  • There's a thread on this somewhere. Hang on a bit and I'll boing it for you.
  • Cheers Poorly Feet, I had a closer look and found the thread. Read through all the comments with interest this morning even though I had bought a pair at the weekend. Went for a 12 mile run in them and knocked 6.5 mins off usual time, not sure if this was the shoes or was just having a good day?
  • Sounds like they're good for you :o)

    Glad to be of service.
  • Tried a pair out on a treadmill (and around a car park). They are very loose fitting, ok if you have a wider foot. Lace up along the side. They are very light weight compared to other Motion Control shoes, and I may get a pair once they have been tried and tested better by other runners.
  • I've had a pair for three to four weeks now and they still feel really comforatble and light. I think my legs took quite a few runs to get used to the shoes support and my calves did seem to ache in different places than before but all seems OK now.

    They seemed to have solved a prob I was getting in the sole of my foot as well where I got pins and needles after five miles but then this may have just been my feet getting used to the increase in distance.
  • Got a pair a month ago...I havent run with MC shoes before, but i can say that these are awesome. My friend, who has seen me run without them, says "you look way better, it looks like your legs were going to break with every step before, now yours legs stay straight when you run"

    My feet feel great in them, though i would reccomend a full extra size over your street shoe size, i went 1/2 over and it wasnt quite enough...
  • does any body know where i couuld get a pair on the net ?
  • ...and are they 'guys only' shoes? there isnt a version on the women's site, only the guys, but i wasnt sure how much difference the whole 'gender specific shoe' thing makes really... any advice?
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