Shell Chester Half-Marathon

Chester CC cashed my cheque this week so I'm in - anyone else bothering this year ?


  • Me - but not entered yet.
  • Dammit - can't remembered if I've entered this. Fills up quickly doesn't it?

    May enter again anyway.
  • I've done that before now wickett !!
  • same here wickett, will have to look at cheque book to check lol
  • not normally a 10k runner, can anyone recommend this race?
  • It isn't a 10k - but if you're after a swift half this may be the one
  • Yep, I'll be doing this one, sending off my entry in the post tomorrow.
  • entered.

  • Bit nippy out for training isn't it ? Everyone wearing comedy leggings ? Or good old spam legs ?
  • I've entered again this year - training today was leggings, vest, fleecy top and wooly hat - with all that on I was actually too hot !
  • entered too :)
  • I've entered... Whats this training thing you mention Lynne ????
  • Going to send my application off today me thinks :-)

    Never done this, although the old man did it yers ago... and did 01:21... not bad for a 45 year old... Should we have predictions? I'll go first then:

    Pugheaven 01:21:03
  • Sitting in the house,bored,watching the snow through the window,totally plugged up due to what the doc called a lung infection (though it feels more like black death)I am still determined to crack 2

    Tony B 01:59
  • Well, I bettered my previous time by 10 minutes, so not sure I can do that again!

  • ofcourse you can, you just have to run faster !
  • I'll chase her !!!

    Must do some training for this one.. Suzie nearly beat me on this one last year !
  • so thats cath under 1:30 then !
  • Cath, are you worth chasing ? Am I in with a shout of a 1:45 if I chase you ?!
  • Tony B -- nope sorry not worth chasing!

    Dave -- Oi! You'll be well in front of me!

    Holgs -- so you're doing this one then...?

  • I was planning on it and then I gets a wedding invitation for that day up in Cumbria so unfortunately not - was aiming for a decent time at Chester after using Liverpool as a warm up.

    Will have to look for another one in early June.
  • Oh God...all these 'proper' runners doing fast times! Wave at me as you go past and I'll be the one being stretchered across the line in about 2:30!
  • Err, Lisa... I am by no means fast or a 'proper' runner!!! I'll not be that far ahead of you me dear!
  • Did 10 mile in 67 minutes last night in a training run... was well chuffed as that would've brought me in around 01:28 in a half which would've only just been outside my PB. Odd, and not sure where that came from... 2nd and 3rd miles were done in 05:58 as well...

    Doing Wilmslow a week on Sunday, hoping for new York qualifying time but doubtful... can't wait until Chester, never done it and live a few mile down the road.
  • See thats a proper runner !!!
  • We're not all proper runners,some of us just pretend and dream of the days when we can run a half in 1:50...
  • Is there a definition of a proper runner? I think not. Personally, anyone who trains for a race is a proper runner, doens't matter what time they do, they're training with a target, so they have to be a proper runner IMO.

    I personally (and this is my own personal targets) wouldn't class myself as a really good runner until I hit around 01:17 ish for a half... this isn't underminding what other people achieve, this is my own amibition with a target to get close to 70 minutes as I can... I'm miles off and it's going to take a fair old while... set tough targets ad you hit them is how I work...
  • I was teasing Pug !!

    I am a very proper runner, I'm slow an fat, but I'm a runner
  • I'm thinking of doing this one for the first time this year. I'd heard it finished on the race course, does anyone know whether or not this is true? Also, is it a fast course?
  • It used to finish on the race course, actually start and finish, not sure if it still does...
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