mixed up

Having difficulty getting to grips with all these forums..there's so much to read and I'm new to this!
As a dog i need to talk about
1)"the older runner"
2) my wheezy chest
3) my alcohol intake
4) my chocolate intake
5) any other doggy runners out there, made to run bloody miles in bloody awful weather..rain, hail(boy is that sore!), snow not ice.. I put my paw down about runing on ice.. these humans have no sense.
What ever happened to a warm fireside?


  • well been a rather large dog i go running when i want to and just drag him along with me ,its great fun when i spot a cat ,the look on his face ,keeps telling me hes not doing speed training how was i to no
  • There's hardly anything to read! It's all shit! As a dog I'm sure you'll appreciate that.
  • Also question the fact why you all think you're animals. I've seen too much strange stuff going on in these forums of late...
  • I'm an ape, a primate, 98% human DNA...I just thought I'd clear that up
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    What's wrong with animals running?
  • Nothing as long as they are being pursued but fat people in red coats on horses :>}
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