Knackered cruciate

Hi all

More than four years ago I had an encounter with a rabbit hole and have had a slightly dodgy knee ever since. My medical friend recently diagnosed it as a weak posterior cruciate and advised me to strap the knee in a certain way whenever I run, to give it the support that the knackered ligament can't. I was just wondering if anybody had experience of this or could offer any other advice. I have no intention of stopping running, but I'd like it to be as pain-free as possible and I want to minimise the chances of doing further damage. Any thoughts appreciated!




  • Just an unqualified opinion but if I'd had a medical person say that to me I'd be tempted to repeat that to my GP, play the symptoms up a bit and see if I could get on a waiting list to see a specialist about it.
  • Knees are tricky little b*ggers but it should be possible to build up the muscles and support structures around the knee to compensate for any weakness in the ligaments. See if you can get some advice on strengthening exercises from a sports physio.
  • Cheers guys.

    My GP knows about the knee problem (or at least, I've mentioned it in the past), but I'm not sure he knows how it affects my running. He's never looked at it himself: it was ineffectively prodded by a physio shortly after I damaged it, but I've just been soldiering on ever since. I think seeing a specialist might be a good idea...a sports physio would be great, but I'm skint...

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions.


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