Hemel Hempstead 17 mile training run. Sun Feb 26th

Like alot of people Im training for the FLM. Anyone considering doing this training run on Sun Feb 26th? Think there may be pacer groups there!


  • I think i'll be doing it - did the 20 miler last year. Very impressed by the organisation - its just like doing a race in many ways! Lots of marshalls, drink stations, jelly baby stations and a big free Danish Pastry at the end!
    Dont remember any official pacing groups but theres bound to be groups of runners of all abilities.
  • Not doing FLM this year but find these sort of runs are good for half marathon training as well. So will probably be there.

    Don't usually have pacer groups but tends to naturally break into groups of similar paced people. It is organised like a race and is well marshalled and mile marked throughout and is a toughish course which is an ideal training event. The free Danish Pastries, Chocolate muffins etc at the end are legendary.
  • I'm planning on doing this run, had a buddy but other commitments have come up for them.  Be nice to meet some new people ...
  • Day after the National cross country at Parliament Hill, so not doing it this year - only think I could manage about 12 after that!!!

    Good event though - did it last year.

  • Can you enter on the day?
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