What a Difference 3 months makes

Well - remember the middle of May? I was pretty hacked off - couldn't run at all for 6 weeks cos of knee problems / miniSS couldn't ride her bike / MrSS was working away from home on our anniversary / I'd had a video gait assessment which showed how I should have taken up dressage as a sport (as the horse - not the rider) etc etc.

Wednseday this week - I did a really nice slow 16.5 miles around a reservoir - over heather moorland / grass / gravel / forestry tracks - in the midday sun - with distant views of Snowdonia with puffs of cloud over each mountain peak against a deep blue sky - with miniSS riding her bike alongside a walking MrSS for 5 miles of the route and meeting me regularly for refuelling stops .... FAB.

Thanks for keeping me going, everyone - that run will stay with me forever.


  • Great news SS.

    Well done to you and the support crew, what a difference it makes knowing that the others are backing you, doesn't it?

    Dreaming of the day I can do 16.5 again, but I'm getting there. Are you building for a specific race?
  • Wow SS, what a change! It's brilliant to hear how much better you're feeling. Sounds like this run was one of those special ones, that you really deserved to enjoy. Well done.
  • 16.5 miles?!?! Gulp!
  • Thanks Barkles - you'll get there - just take it easy, you've had a really serious injury and it'll take time to get over it. Hoping to go for the Loch Ness Marathon on 29th September - not fully committed to it yet, tho'.

    And yes it was a 1 in a Million day Laura -just fantastic.
  • How far. Respect!!
  • Well done, SS. Essential reading for everyone who wants things sorted out by yesterday at the latest.
  • Hi SS - life has its ups & downs doesn't it? Its great that you had such a wonderful day to make up for all the cr*p times. Good luck for Loch Ness.

    PS and thanks for the piccie file - do you like it?
  • Well done SS, I am really pleased for you. I hope all goes well for the Loch Ness Marathon.

    I am really sad that I will not be there for it. I think it must be one of the most scenic races in Britain. Do they just offer the marathon distance at it?

    Speak soon

  • Brill!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    SS, I haven't run that far since FLM. Really impressed, not only with the distance but with your perseverance and motivation. Very well done.
  • Well done SS,
    good to see running is going well for you again! Happy running!!
  • So wheres the picture then Drew
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Whaddaya mean not committed yet - I'm counting on you......


    Marathon only, but they may add a 10k in future. How about the Half in March? (Usually 16th/17th/18th March)

    www.invernesshalfmarathon.co.uk if you want more info.
  • SS, welcome back to the world of wonderful running. I love those days when a run feels really good. Unfortunately they're few and far between for me but I'm due a good one any day now:)
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