Winter Olympics

I've just done a quick search to find if there was a "winter olympics" thread and could not find anything.

I can't skate, ski, luge or do any winter sports but I do find the speed skating absolutely brilliant. Both the long and short course events just look like great sports. Skill, endurance and with the potential for things to go tits-up at any time. Can't beat it!

Please tell me that I'm not the only one watching it!!


  • Nope, you're not. Did you see the speed skating the other night when the blokie went ar$e sideways and missed his medal hopes..?

    Nothing will beat the girlie show-off snowboarder doing the boarder-cross event... who grabbed her board and landed ar$e backwards and couldn't get it sorted again and was literally pipped to the post for gold medal. Silly sod. Should have just got on with it instead of showing off.
  • Saw it. Class!

    Speedskating is mad too. Mind you; you must be insane to do the luge or the skeleton!
  • I saw some of the speed skating last night too - really good. but watch sp sk8ing always gives me that feeling of when i'm dreaming and i'm trying to run really fast but legs won't move. i know they are going v. fast but the way the cameras film it for tv makes them look slower than they are. fab watching them do those tricky overtakes.

    4 medals for korea too - woo hoo!
  • Saw that too, Cath!

    Hiya Multi-
    Did mention a few things about it recently on the "Sprechen Sie Deutsch" thread I occasionally contribute to, but from a German angle.
    I like watching the bob sleds, ice dancing, biathlon. The speed skating is pretty cool too. Missed a lot these past few days, though. :(
  • Hi Hee Jung!
    But: for Germany- 6 gold, 7 silver, 3 bronze... so :P
  • Hi moomoo!

    i've not had a chance to find out any of the medal listings - great job germany! wow they're doing well eh?

    wonder how Oh Canada is doing...and if any of them have been busted for illegal substances this round (there always seems to be one...)

    Howz GB doing? anyone?

    and have i missed couple's figure skating? the one where they do all the fab jumps, throws, flips and twirls???
  • Hee Jung! - this is one place where you can check on results & articles:
  • ooo, kewl...thanks!!!
  • Skeleton looks fun :o) I wanna go.
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