Joining the six millimetre high club

I find that one of the advantages of running off-road, is the opportunity to discover isolated spots for outdoors nookie.

The best spots are not knee-high cornfields, (you end up with a very itchy back if you're not the one on top).

Again, it tends to be more of a summer activity for obvious reasons.

Then you play the second part of the game i.e. sneaking home!

Hint - take old clothes with you, preferably with velcro fastenings.


  • So do you merely take note of these auspicious places, spy on others, or actually try it out yourself?
  • Not one for obtaining vicarious pleasures by spying on others -have always been a participant, not a spectator, (unless it's the Gunners.)
  • You must belong to a very special type of running club then!
  • Well, going to view one sort of cannon rather than another would amuse a lot more people (get it?)
  • Snoop, you seem to like getting your kit off a lot!
  • Thats cos he's a dirty little bu**er!
  • Will you be doing the GSR starkers? Shall I bring my camera?
  • Attempting a naked sprint in the midst of 10,000 runners would not be streaking; more like plodding.

    And jon, there's nothing dirty or unnatural about the human body in it's natural state -it's all in your mind.
  • Ok... So you weren't joking on the Wearing Underwear thread after all!
  • Caz, don't give him any ideas.
  • Why not? Take my mind off of the pain :)
  • Snoop do you happen to be a littlt bit of an exhibitionist?
  • snoop it was pleasure to meet you at the FLM with your clothes ON....

    the alternative is not altogether appetising
  • No, Hilly, that's the beauty of it; it's not exhibitionism if done in private, albeit in the presence of Mother Nature.

    Certainly wouldn't want to practice in front of Wolfie - there's Raymonds Revue Bar in Brewer Street W1 for those nefarious pleasures mate!
  • Snoop

    Is it any better than Spearmint Rhino?
  • Sounds refreshing Snoop!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    The thread title reminds me of a story I heard regarding the "11 minute club".

    Apparently the gondola which takes you up Anoch Mhor (next one to Ben Nevis) takes 11 minutes to get from the bottom to the top. If you are lucky enough to get a car between the two of you...........

    On relating this tale to a colleague, I was given the reply "What do you do for the other nine and a half minutes?"
  • Nine and a half minutes is just about nuff time to do a hundred press-ups and have a cheese sandwich.

    More interesting than what Mickey Rourke did in the film of the same title.

    Jason, not a client of Spearmint's - too expensive - prefer the perversions of the dock areas down the East End.
  • Snoop

    I see you've been to Browns then :-)
  • Are you lot speaking English?
    Spearmint? Browns?
  • Im afraid I have to state that I am disappointed with Snoop's initial posting.

    Being new to this site I have found the forums a great source of information and advice.

    Snoop has sadly let the side down here.

    I qoute...

    "I find that one of the advantages of running off-road, is the opportunity to discover isolated spots for outdoors nookie.

    The best spots are not knee-high cornfields, (you end up with a very itchy back if you're not the one on top)."

    It is very kind of him to inform us where the best spots ARENT.. but what kind should we be looking for??? Come on Snoop... MORE INFO!!!!!

  • Encouraged by Barkles I will be running the Woodhall Spa 10k stark b*****k naked, I could try something there. And people say Lincolnshire is too flat! By the way Snoop I saw you in the Coventry Asda a few weeks ago. How come you're always rappin about your 'bitches' but you were shopping with your mum? My girlfriend says it wasn't you cause a top gangsta rapper would shop in Sainsbury's not Asda, but I reckon she was thinking of LL Cool J.
  • So I take the blame then Craggles.
  • It's a fair cop, Barkles. Don't try and back out now the damage is done. I'm thinking of organising a Start B****** Naked 1/2M later in the year. Instead of drink stations we could hang on a minute, maybe this isn't such a good idea.
  • Think of the chafing.

    We'd need vaseline stops every twenty minutes
  • While on an off road run one afternoon last week, I 'stumbled' across a couple having nookie on the grass! I was a bit surprised - its a well known spot, though not one of the most used tracks, but the bloke casually looked up and kindly moved this discarded clothing so that I'd be able to pass by! Later on, as you do, I wished I'd said that there were another ten runners behind me - I wonder what he would have done then!
  • I'd have asked you to go back and warn them that there were humps in the road.
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