Is it too late....

I've been offered a FLM place. I'm currently running once a week - 9/10 miles. Is there enough time to get up to race distance??? Ta


  • It depends on what you are aiming for, if its just a plod round, it shouldnt be a problem to get enough miles in, if you are going for a quickish time it may be a touch more difficult, whatever the option just enjoy your running, the race will take care of itself.
  • I'm a beginner, so I'm sure someone more experienced will be along in a minute, but funnily enough I did some distance calculations a few weeks ago. Starting at 10 miles and adding 10% per week it takes 11 weeks to get to marathon distance:

    1 10
    2 11
    3 12.1
    4 13.31
    5 14.641
    6 16.1051
    7 17.71561
    8 19.487171
    9 21.4358881
    10 23.57947691
    11 25.9374246 (marathon)

    Since we are now 9 weeks away, you'd have to push further than the recomended 10% per week. And that's not allowing for injury/illness.

    Maybe dropping your aim a bit and going for a run/walk program would make it possible? You're a lot fitter than me by the sound of it, and I'm slightly ahead of target to do it by the above, but I'm planning on walking most of it!

    Like I say, I'm a beginner, so wait for someone with more experience to give advice. To me it sounds possible but only if you are prepared to have a hard time and go slow.
  • PS: forgot about tapering before too...
  • Yeas 10% is the norm but there's no need to run over 20 before a marathon if you're a beginner.....
  • If you're already at 9/10 miles... you can increase to around 12 without too much soreness. I ran 20 miles yesterday as a step up from 14. Yes, a little crackers but I've also been running for 3 years non-stop at 4-5 runs per week. My base fitness is actually really good.

    The problem for you is also fitting in extra runs during the week to improve your base fitness. One run per week is not going to be anywhere near enough. You need to condition your legs to run for a long period of time - that's going to take at least 3 training runs per week and one of them a long one as pointed out above.

    Even with 9 weeks training and being careful I would think a really good time would be difficult. It really depends upon your starting abilities. You need to check out some schedules and see where you fit in on them and look at the 9 week time frame to see what you're capable of. I started off on an intermediate programme... became injured through something else... went back to the beginner schedule and have now switched back to intermediate.

    The key thing is miles in leg or time on your feet. Run/walk is a very feasible programme for completing the marathon - especially with such a short amount of time to go now.
  • The marathon doesnt start until around the 20 mile mark. I think as long as you can run in a training session up to the 18-20 mile mark the crowd will get you through the remaining 6 or so miles. However, I would look at a training plan of getting you round pace rather than say a sub 4hr pace for the following reasons.

    1)You will try & cram too many miles in over a short period of time, thus increasing your liability of injury. Most people are already between 6-8 weeks into their training schedule & possibly have got around 150-200 training miles in the bank.
    2) Most people are upto the between 15-20 miles for their long runs in training.
    3)Is this your first marathon? If it is you will be putting not only your body but your mind & your whole being under emence pressure for some hours.

    You need to be honest with yourself & ask Can I do this?
    Am I as ready as I can be?
    Am I 100% committed to the cause?
    If you have any doubts in these questions I would think again but if you honestly think you can run, skip, walk of hobble or crawl 26.2 miles then go for it.

    Good luck for what ever you decide
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    cath, interesting to read that you jumped from 14 to 20. I have so far done 10, 12 both on road and xctry 10 (worth about 14 on road I reckon) and sunday 5th march I am entered for thanet 20. Same as you though, I run regularly and more than once a week. How do you feel today Cath? (sorry for jumping in t&b)
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Wabo -- actually, feel fine today. I did the ice bath thing yesterday though (always do after a long run). Feel like legs did a bit of work but no more than usual. Other than that, I feel fine. I think if you've done the 10-12 in training you should be fine for the 20 miler on 5th March. It all depends upon preparation I think. I ate plenty of carbs Friday and Saturday. Saturday sat at the PC most of the day working on my thesis - so not much walking around. Also made sure I was properly hydrated. For the first time before a run ... yesterday, I ate a piece of toast before going out (normally can't eat anything) and I fuelled on the run. Also during the run I stopped and made myself walk for a minute at 2 mile intervals. The ultra-runners do this to make sure they don't burn the legs out too early. I think that's what gave me the extra six miles yesterday. I was tired but I jokingly said to OH "shall we do the 26.2 today..?" so I could have carried on if I was running a marathon yesterday.

    I'm a bit worried about the mileage after 20 though as alot of people have said... that is the bit which is the hardest. I have another 18, 20 and 22 miler planned before 23rd April. So hopefully will have to see how it pans out.


  • Obviously, the 20 mile mark is where most people hit "the wall" but if you focus your mind, you can work through it, even though your legs want to stop, once you get to mile 23, you will be back in your stride, as long as you have drunk sensibly all the way round you should be fine.
  • Thanks Mark, I'm planning a 22 - just to make sure I can do that.
  • Do you have any endurance background?
    Do you do any other physical activity, and if so what?
    Are you really sure about the distance of 9/10miles - how do you measure it? If it's really 7 then the picture is dufferent.
    How long does this take?

    PS Is this a joke thread?
  • Not a joke thread. I'm estimating 9 min miles, and I did 85 mins last week. I walk at least 20 miles/week in addition to 1 long run. I have done 3 or 4 half maras and 1 mara (18 months ago). Twin boys arrived just after that race, that's why I am out of training.
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