Triathlon with a hernia

Anybody got any experience of doing a triathlon with a hernia?

I've just been to the doctors this morning and was diagnosed with a hernia....18 month waiting list!

Doc said ok to do running, cycling and swimming but no weight lifting or abdominal exercise.


  • Cliffy, depends on what type of hernia.

    I had a 'sport's' hernia, just above my navel. Had it for 10 years and got it through overdoing stomach crunches in the gym.

    if its this, no problem for you whatsoever. I did weights and running for years with no effect.

    just got it sorted late last year, in and out in a day, and was running again within three days.

    If however its lower down in the base of your abdomen. I think called an Inguinal hernia, then unfortunately the doc may be right.

  • Thanks dave, my hernia is the groin area and as you say is a Inguinal hernia.

    I haven't done any training for the past 7-8 days, will try a run mid-week and see how it goes.
  • careful old chap, the problem as I'm sure you know is if the bowel pops out and gets constricted... it then becomes a rush job and operation within hours. wear something tight to support the area and stop things popping out that shouldn't be.
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