Cardiff Half Marathon

My time was 2.15hrs last year i want to beat 2 hours this year any tips??


  • Run faster.

    Seriously, get started on your endurance work now, get your long run up to fifteen miles and do at least three other runs in the week, one of which should be about half as long as the weeks longest run. Do the longest run at your comfortable pace, do the middle length run slightly faster and do one of the shorter runs quite fast. You need to be running 9.09 minute miles for a 2 hour finish. Once you've got the endurance sorted start running that longer run more quickly. Vary the length of your long run, don't think you have to do 15 every week, do some 10s and 12s as well but do one 15 every month. Build in speedwork on the shorter runs, try fartlek of 4-5 miles once per week.

    Endurance then speed, that's the key.
  • What Dragon said.
  • Just finished Liverpool half this weekend in 2 hrs 57, looking to get down to under 2:45 think this might be the race for me!

    Best get entered then hadnt I?
  • Should I or shouldn't I? My last (and only) half was the Sydney half in sept (ooh, look at me!), I did 2:25 but it nearly killed me due to lack of training.

    The question is, if I enter will it motivate me enough to get off my backside and get out there? What do you all reckon?
  • Go for it smash, I always feel more motivated to train once I have entered a race!
  • Just in case you weren't already there's already a pretty active Cardiff Half thread.


  • well, I'm convinced! Just paid for it - now all I have to do is formulate a training plan - this is always a good way to put off the actual training!
  • Hi everyone just wondering whether to enter! Is it flat, challenging or a killer!I did Tewkesbury in 2 hrs 7 mins & need to do another half to keep my motivation up!
  • It's a pancake with a few slight ripples.

    As multi says, there is another thread for marathon/half-marathon with a lot more info on it.

  • Help!! I need motivation. Agreed to do the half marathon with my sister who found out the week after we entered she was pregnant and due on October 11th!!

    Never entered a half marathon before and am still trying to run without having to walk every 5 mins. Any tips would be gratefully received. Have been running(and walking) about 1 mile every 1-2 weeks so its really dire I need help and fast, times running out....without me!!
  • Have never done any distance over 10miles, but was thinking of maybe entering this.....

    Am currently doing between 20 and 30 miles a week, usually with a 10km at the weekend...(in under an hour)

    thoughts anyone?
  • BH
    DO it!

    my LSR is 10 miles. im doing it. go figure.

    KP do the run walk shedule and build up FAST.

    do a 10k in august
  • Thanks TT......

  • My first (and only) HM was Cardiff 2005. I did it in 1h 34m, I did not follow any "structured" training program. I woul love to break the 1h 30m barrier. Where would I find a plan to suite me and my desired time.

    Age 36
  • Geraint: Runners world have an article. Try this:
    Good luck. I'm hoping for sub 1:40
  • Thanks TomP,

    Good Luck too!

    I have decided to do some training runs to lead up to it.

    Sunday, 6 August 2006 - Brecon 10Mile
    Monday, 28 August 2006 - Machen Mountain Run 10K
    Sunday, 3 September 2006 - HSBC City of Cardiff 10K
    Sunday, 24 September 2006 - Admiral Swansea Bay 10K

    Then ...
    Sunday, 15 October 2006 - Cardiff Half Marathon

    Anybody else doing this too?

  • Won't be doing that many races leading up to Cardiff-half. Races in August kinda scare me heat wise. I will be doing the Cardiff 10k in Sept, though. Sounds like a pretty big race. Would consider Swansea too.....
  • Hi - in need of advice. I'm doing a half marathon training plan that is suited for people aiming to get a sub 2:10 time. I've worked out that I'll finish it roughly 6 weeks before the actual HM event so is it worth me starting a new programme (which I won't be able to finish in time)training for a faster HM or making up my own training sessions? If the latter..any suggestions on what I can do to improve? Thanks people :)
  • ar,

    are you doing any races leading up to the 1/2 mara? I am also going for a sub 2:10 time but unlike you have not been as disciplined with training programme. Doing the 10k Cardiff - couldn't not really as the start line is a short walk from my flat!
  • Nope no excuse for you there! I've got one 10K leading up to the HM but that's it really..should help though. I'm thinking of concentrating on speed work (and doing the one long run a week of HM distance) and in those last 6 weeks concentrating on upping milage and times.. will make it up as I go along no doubt!!
  • Ar

    One of the best ways of covering the gap between schedule due to finish and the race is to repeat some of the week's in the schedule, this consolidates your training, and therefore can help progress.

  • A 6 week training plan for the Cardiff Half Marathon. :shock:

    Just entered my 2nd ever Half , the first being in March where I managed a 1:34:12 @ Islwyn, Blackwood.

    I've looked up many a training plan and they all indicate that you have to get your mileage up to 40+ per week for that distance. I'll be lucky if my mileage ever gets over 20.
    Obviously this is all run specific and not geared towards the triathlete due to the time spent doing the other 2 disciplines.

    I would love to pb with a sub 1:30 but is this realistic? Can I achieve this on only 20 miles per week? Bearing in mind I've probably only averaged 8-10 in the last 2 months.

    If you can just tell me the key sessions for fast results that'll be great.
    Some sort of plan would be even more appreciated.
    Otherwise just tell me to grow up and get with the programme you're living in cuckoo land!! :D

    Cheers in advance QZ :wink:
  • ok, Cardiff here I'm coming...
    Did my first ever race on 19th August 06, a 1/2 marathon in Reykjavik and already I'm going for my second one! I just hope to beat the 2h18min I did there.
    As for training I will just keep on cycling to work which is 15k a day plus 3 to 4 run a week around 6 to 8k each and toned my upper body.
    And maybe I will do a 10k race before the end of september to see where I stand.

    Good luck all and see you there
  • Hiya everyone

    Can anyone who has done this before tell me what the car parking is like? Best place and what time to be in the car park?????

    I'll be coming from direction of M4 flyover?
  • The last two years I've parked in the streets around the Civic Centre/Cathays Park, i.e. Museum/Law Courts/University area (King Edward VII drive/Museum Place - free on Sundays) without any difficulty, arriving around 90 mins before the start time. Mind you I only live 15 mins from the city centre, so I don't have to leave home very early! The walk to the Millenium Stadium is 10-15 mins from there so that gives plenty of time to get there, drop off bags, warm up (or whatever) and get to the start which is on St Mary Street this year. If you come on the M4 come off at J32 and follow the A470 to Cardiff and the Civic Centre is on your left just before you get to the castle.
  • Same here - parking around the Civic Centre/museum is free on a Sunday.
  • Thats cool as its where I always park when in Wales. Live in London but come from the valleys!

    So you both say aim for 7.30am to park?

    Been waiting for this all year - been injured a lot since my first which was the Brands Hatch half last Feb so trying to take care of my legs!
  • Help! 5 weeks to go and a horrible 9 mile run on Sunday has left me feeling as though I need a plan B to stop me worrying about whether I can get around. At the same time I am really looking forward to the run and I'd love to beat 2 hrs (did a 2:06 at last year's event but Sundays run makes even that seem a long way away).

    Any tips on a crash course to boost speed and morale?
  • Hi Slow Cat - if it makes you feel better I did 13 miles on Sunday and my ITB problem set in at the end! Gutted! I'm now undergoing intense physio for a change to try and get me up and running in time. Took 3 months last time. Physio says have to take a week at a time to see how it goes but we're going to do all we can to get me there!

    I won't be back up to speed and if allowed to do now i'll probably have to put my PLAN B into action which maybe you can try - STRETCH RUN ( ie: Run 8 mins Walk 2 etc... ) you might not get your best time... but you will complete it especially as you have set your heart on it......?!

    Anyway you sound like you having a bad week! 9 miles is a great distance and still 5 weeks to go! I did 9 miles 2 weeks ago it felt like I'd never run before, but then I did 13 this week happily until the knee played up at end!

    Maybe check out your food adn try something new for more energy before hand?

    You are doing well, don't give up at this point - I'm not going to unless I hear my physio the week before say NO!
  • Thanks K Rake. Maybe instead of panicking I should just wait and see how this weekend's run goes and try Plan B if I run out of steam in the last few miles again. I'm also hoping for a bit of light drizzle to keep the temperature down...

    Sorry to hear about your ITB. Sounds like you are doing the right thing rather than the ostrich option (which I'm often guilty of). On (what I hope is) the reassuring side, it must be good to know that you have the fitness to go the distance and a physio who knows what you want to achieve and is willing to help you get there. It is amazing what they can do in the patching up stakes so really hope you can get mended and run on the day.
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