Paris Marathon 2006

Hi, I am doing the Paris Marathon for the first time this year and would like to know if anyone has done it already and could give me some advise etc.


  • If you go to the Events forum, there is a huge post about the Paris marathon with lots of information.
  • yeah I just saw that and have put my request on it, thanks. It is only 7 weeks away and I am starting to get worried. thanks for your reply
  • No problem - good luck for Paris :0)
  • I ran paris last year.

    My main advice would be its not as well organised as somewhere like London dont expect to get any energy drinks/gells etc unless you are near the front of the field. One station I got to had even run out of water and were in the process of getting some more.

    There seemed to be more serious runners than charity type attempts as well which can be a bit disheartening if your crap like me!

    Make sure you take your own supplies! The sort of food they had there was bananas and oranges which were starting to look past their best towards the end of the race.

    The start of the course is really interesting lots to see as you run through the main streets of paris its fairly flat and downhill. You then go into a park before coming back into the town. There is a dull bit where you run under some tunnels which no one seemed to enjoy you then go through a park at the end. There was a wine stop in the park towards the end (probably not a good idea!).

    Good luck and enjoy the race!
  • Thanks Alex, I have just realised that it is only 6 weeks this Sunday and the longest I have ran so far is 2:40, this Sunday I will be doing a half and then 4 long runs around 3 hours and that is it. I am so not prepared for this. I was hoping to do under 4 not don't think so. I will take my own gels and energy drink. At the start do they have time slots or does everyone start together? I did the FLM last year and was ok this time I am really nervous. Panick is starting to set in. I am hoping to enjoy the race.
  • 6 Weeks, blimey, never relised it was so near... well, I'm in it... and hopefully, a little short of mileage however... aren;t you always.

    I'm doing the Stafford 20 at 06:52 pace... see how I get on... if I can do this or better without dying in a puddle of Puglet sweat and tears... then that's the pace for Paris... here's hoping... although realistically, I think around 03:14 will be my overall time!
  • watch out at the start - people discard old clothes and plastic bags just anywhere instead of throwing to the side. Take care you don't get tripped up.

    I hated the underpasses. But I must admit, I did take the wine at that last stop, it's very near the finish so it really didn't affect me at all.
  • Its a bit chaotic at the start like any race. It also starts at that mad roundabout round the arc d'trioph (however you spell that!). They were in the process of closing that off with hundreds of runners walking across and a few cars still - it was a bit mad.

    They had different pens that were released in order of predicted finish time. It seemed to work fairly well and I got started in about 10 min or so from when they first let people go. I was in the 4-4.30 pen (ended up taking 5+ hours but never mind).

    As Iron wolf suggests be careful at the start as in any race. I saw a few people trip over at the start. Its downhill and people were just getting rid of their drink bottles etc.

    I really wasnt prepared for it either. Note to self more training needed if next time. The longest run I did was 18 miles. I had a cold and had hurt my knee in one of my last training runs. Im not suggesting this is the ideal way to get round or a good idea but the important thing is to have fun.

    I dont think I have ever been so nervous for an event in my life (it was my first and maybe only marathon). You have done FLM before so know what to expect. Its a really good way to see lots of Paris. At worst you have to walk the last half- im sure you will have company - plus you can enjoy the wine stop :)

    Good luck
  • I am liking the sound of this wine stop more and more. I think once I have done a couple of long runs I will feel alot better. It is funny when people say enjoy the sights etc, when I did the FLM I didn't even notice Buck Palace. Have a good weekend everyone and enjoy your runs. Be careful out there don't let the cold get to you.
  • Hi there Paris runners,
    Paris 2006 will be my first marathon and I am starting to feel the nerves!!!!
    Did 17 miles last Friday and can't believe the agony I felt in my feet bones. It was worse stopping then trying to start again.
    5 weeks to go and still so much to do, was hoping to be under 4:30, who knows now, pass the wine!!!
  • Hi there everyone. Am I correct in assuming that the Paris marathon is a flat route and good for PB's ?

  • Tom

    Paris is dead flat. I suppose yes, it would be considered a fast course

    Tim Nicholson
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