Half Marathon on 5th November?

Anyone know of a half marathon on Sunday 5th November?



  • Shades there is Eddie's Half Marathon on the 5th November which I guess is a bit too far to travel being from Fort William.
  • you could try the Guy Fawkes 10 mile in Ripley, North Yorks.

    Its only 10 mile but it will feel like 13.1 - honestly:-)
  • Marlow is usually or or around that date.
    Jane - a bit far to travel for FW - do you do that one?

    TS - that sounds fun but again a little too far to travel.

    AB - Sorry, not sure where Marlow is - Midlands? Is that a good event? How many runners?
  • Shades - Marlow is in the Chilterns between High Wycombe and Maidenhead. Hilly and wet, it is meant to be quite a lot of fun.

    I've not done it, but will do it this year if it is on that weekend as 5th November is my birthday.
    TMW - thanks for that.

    Confession time - I've no intention of running a half marathon on 5th November but a RO asked me if I thought that was a good date to put his event on. Would be Midlands so about 2 hours from Marlow, far enough away not to affect entries of either event.
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