Running twice a week

I have decided to incorporate running twice a week into my schedule, possibly Monday and Friday.

However, I was wondering whether running twice a week will be beneficial for me? For instance, after I've completed a week's running, and then starting my 2nd week; will i feel slightly incremental increase in my fitness? Should I up it or stick to it for at least a month?


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    Any regular exercise is beneficial BUT don't expect miracles overnight.

    You should stick it for as long as it takes, we are all different. Move on only when you feel ready not before. One of the unwritten rules about running is avoid injury, so take things VERY slowly and listen to your body. Set yourself very small achieveable targets and move on only when you've achieved them.

    New runners almost always go too far, too fast and too soon.
  • Bear in mind that 'adaption' lasts 3 days. If after that time you don't do some more of your chosen exercise you start to lose the benefits. This sounds drastic I know - but basically it means that if you run at least every 3 days you will start to improve, but less than every 3 days and you will stay pretty static. (i.e. once a week is no good for improvment)

    So twice a week is worth doing. But 5 times over 2 weeks would be better than 4 if you can squeeze an extra one in.

    But I have to say that I think that time spent running is never wasted.
  • I only run twice a week. I started running in November after doing no running at all for two years (I used to do a bit on the treadie every now and then). I have noticed a huge gain in my running fitness from just two sessions a week. I can run comfortably for about an hour and 25 minutes now as opposed to about half an hour when I first started. I find only running twice a week gives my legs plenty of time to recover and keeps me enjoying and looking forward to running. I'm always thinking I should run more ( and I will eventually) but I am stopping myself at the minute as I know I would end up with an injury as I've increased the mileage quite a bit lately and thats enough to be going on with.

    I should also say that I am a mountain biker/cyclist first and have done loads and loads of cycling over the last couple of years and was pretty aerobically fit when I started running. I am in the process of building up my legs to match the capability of my cardio system. If you are already fit then you will probably see good gains - just watch those legs!
  • I'm currently running 3 times a week, I started in January after a very sedentary lifestyle.

    Earlier this week I remembered that I'd left my phone and wallet in the car at the wrong end of the car park. I ran back to get them and then ran back to the entrance of the leisure centre. As I got there I realised that a couple of months ago I wouldn't have been able to do it without becoming a puffing, sweating mess on the floor. I wasn't even breathing heavy though.

    Any exercise has to be beneficial, but all the programmes I've seen are based on 3 a week rather than 2. If you can get another session in then it will only help.
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