Run for Glory

I see this is on the listings for this Thurs 7:00 p.m. on BBC1. I am assuming this is the same one that was going to be called "From start to Finish" mentioned on an earlier thread.

Could be interesting!


  • Run for Glory
    Thu 2 Mar, 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm 30mins

    13 people from around the country volunteer to train for the gruelling 26.2 mile London Marathon in just six months. This is a huge undertaking. Not only are they unfit, many are battling personal traumas from cancer to disabling road accidents. World class athletes Sally Gunnell and Steve Cram are their tough coaches. But will they make it?

    The would-be runners soon find that the Marathon is as much a mental as a physical challenge when they are confronted with a gut wrenching high ropes course. As well as getting fit, they know they need to toughen up if they want to have any chance of success.

    Sounds like car smash tv to me!
  • Thanks Cas27.
    Can't quite see how a high ropes course and FLM are linked, but there we are!
    Perhaps all will be revealed on Thurs.
  • Any early bets on how many of the 13 will make the start line?
  • I meant car smash tv in that you don't really want to look but can't help staring. So, if I'm in I'll probably watch it...but I want to have a look at the candidates before making any bets...I'll let you know my vote on friday!
  • I think they will all make it, the thought of running the greatest race in the world is very inspirational, well it was the first time I ran it.
  • No way I'd have missed it either Mark - FLM05 my only marathon so far!
    And you would hope with Gunnell and Cram training them they might have a better chance than most.
    But there is always the possibility of injury or illness.
  • As a beginner who hopes one day to run the flm cant wait to watch this! I think it will be very inspiring as the weeks go on and especially when they run the flm.

    Also, it may encourage lots of other ppl to take up running - or it could put them off for life! lol
  • This year is my 7th London, and the feeling and anticipation is exactly the same, as is the icy cold wind we have to suffer, whilst training in winter, but once the day comes around, its all been worth it.
  • I will certainly be watching. Looking forward to reliving the experience from last year.
    For those running this year could be very interesting to see how your training etc compares to that organised by Cram and Gunnell!

    Artemis - let's hope it doesn't encourage TOO many more to have a go or it could be even harder to get in through the ballot next year! ;o)
  • Some info about the series from a recruitment advert last autumn:

    "The series will consist of 8 x 30 minute programmes at 7.30 (sic - looks like 7.00 now) on BBC1 with a further 60-minute programme that will look at how our contributors have fared in the event.
    Successful applicants will need to be available for specific weekends once a month for a period of the next 6 months. You will live away from home during these weekends with food and accommodation provided. You will also need to be able to travel abroad for a period of about 7-14 days near the beginning of March. The London Marathon takes place on Sunday 23rd April 2006."

    So if my Maths is right, 8 shows means every Thurs til FLM with an hour long one afterwards.
  • Mr Loverman - Yes, that thought had occured to me. I want a place next year! lol

  • I haven't seen any info on how many applied for the ballot this year, but apparently it was nearly 100,000 last year.

    Artemis - if you're thinking of running it one day, put in an application next year. It's unlikely you'll get in first time anyway. If you do, then you'll hear early December, giving 4 months training, which should be enough if you've been running regularly before then.
    If you don't get in, and are unlucky for a few years then 5 rejections in a row means you definitely get in 6th time. So if you start next year you'll definitely get a place by 2012 at the latest! (That could be a popular one being Olympic year!!!)
  • 100,000?! wow! Thanks for the tip Mr L, I didnt know that about the 'rejections' systems. Good to know, and at least it will give me some hope if/when I am rejected. Do all marathons have a rejection system? Is it just the 'big' ones?
  • Think it's just the big ones like FLM. If you want to run one sooner, most small marathons are relatively easy to get into. But of course you miss out on the support of hundreds of thousands watching you on the day. Although there are plenty on these threads who prefer the quieter marathons. Can't really comment as the only I've done is FLM last year.

    Again, I haven't looked into this myself but I believe it's also relatively easy to get a place in some of the big marathons in European cities. Paris? Rotterdam? Berlin? Copenhagen? Check out those threads on the events section for more details.
  • Evil Pixie - So if you have to defer more than once, you will never get offered another place again? Well done on race day though! Im going to do (yes, very much ahead of myself!) a run/walk plan to get round (one day...) It will be very interesting to see on the bbc prog what way Cram and Gunnell train the participants.

    Mr L - thats good to know about european mara's. See a new city AND run around it too. I dont know if I would prefer the quieter races or the crowd-cheering races yet. How did you find it when you when you did flm? Did the cheers help or did you have enough of hearing 'keep going' by mile 6?
  • Believe me, you can never hear enough shouts of, "keep going" especially if you have your name on your running vest, those shouts are invaluable after mile 22.
  • Artemis - FLM was absolutely superb and the crowds were a massive help, especially between 20-23 miles when I was finding things particularly tough (tip - put your name in BIG letters on your shirt!). The only time for someone of my athletic ability (??? - or lack of it!!) to experience thousands cheering me on!! Don't think that I personally would enjoy a smaller race as much. But as I say, there are some who prefer the quieter ones.
  • Guess the plan for a european one would be go a few days early and do the sightseeing first - don't imagine I'd be up for too much walking around the day or two after a marathon!!
    Sightseeing first, marathon in the middle, beers after?!
  • Evil Pixie- I get it now. I thought they banned you from entering ever again! lol

    Mr Loverman - My best friend is running flm this year and I am going there to spectate. I cant wait to go - she keeps saying I am more excited about it than her! I am going to put her name in sequins for her to wear and get cheers of support! Yes, thinking about it, Im sure when the going get tough a few shouts of encouragement are just what you need to keep on going. Just imagine how many cheers the ppl on the bbc prog will get!
  • If you're thinking of putting her name in sequins just make sure she has plenty of time to try it out in training and on one of her long runs.
    Saw people with lots of chafing from tops that hadn't been worn much or recently embroidered etc. (believe me after 26 miles it is NOT a pretty sight!). And make sure it's not nipple height - that is particularly nasty!
  • Sally Gunnell was on BBC breakfast this morning and already some of those who started out have had to pull out through injury.

    What does Sally Gunnell know about running marathons anyway? I know Steve Cram has ran a few himself.
  • Evil Pixie-Do people really try and sneak on the course?! lol They must want it BAD! I read about about people cheating in the very early marathons, and of residents trying to scupper runners not of their town/country by diverting them off course -way before courses where well organised events.

    Mr Loverman - thanks for the tip re friends top. I wouldnt want to be blamed for sequin/embroidery chafing thats for sure! Will have another think about that one.

    Thats a shame some ppl from the prog have pulled out already. Not a good start :-/
  • Sally Gunnell has run alongside us "fun runners" with a microphone for a few yards in past FLM's, so I guess that qualifies her, doh!! Her and Hazel Irvine would stop calling us "fun runners" if they tried one for themselves.
  • Artemis the chip timing was brought in because of the cheats, there are electronic mats all round the course, so if your chip says you have not crossed all of them , then its obvious you have cheated, but I have never seen the point of cheating in a marathon, you only cheat yourself.
  • Artemis I was not surprised about injuries when I saw a clip of some of the runners they had recruited.
  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭
    I saw the clip this morning and it seemed to feature people who had overcome adversity to run (or attempt to run) the FLM. Jane is right, some are already out - no surprise!

    Also Sally Gunnell referred to them and some of us I guess as fun runners!! Did Saturdays training run feel like fun????

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