Blisters on arches

Can anyone help?????
I've been running for a couple of years now and stick can't seem to get rid of blisters forming on my arches anytime I run more than about 7 miles. I've changed shoes, tried 1000 mile double layer socks and still no joy! I ran with compeed plasters on at the weekend and still got blisters on both arches!
Any ideas?????? I'm doing the Bath half marathon at the end of March and I can't get past 10 miles without serious pain!!


  • I changed from a stability shoe, Asics 2100's, to a cushion jobby- Puma Complete Phasis. Blisters went on my long runs. The Asics are fine below 10mile but anything longer and my left foot gets a blister on the arch.

    My gait analysis shows the best form with these too.

    I also swear by X-socks
  • I've used Thorlos and Fox River and feet have been (generally) fine. Was given a couple of pairs of 1000 mile socks and despite what they say on the packet I've found that any run over 10km blisters
    my arches.

    Get some thick running socks, rest your feet a few days to let the blisters heal over, then try running. Make sure the socks are pulled on properly.
  • ahhhh
    asics blisters

    You could try compeed on the arched before longer runs

    I use Thorlo socks
  • Had the same issue with Asics 1100 early on. I now cover my arch, the outside of my sock and the inside of my shoe with vaseline - not had any since. Used to get them after about 5-6 miles, done 16 without any after using the vaseline trick.

    Have also heard of someone putting duck tape on the offending part of the shoe, not tried it myself so can't recommend.
  • Thanks for all the advice guys. I've been applying surgical spirit twice daily, and sticking tape over the blisters and then covering in vaseline...... 11 miles on sunday and no 'major' blisters so I might actually be getting somewhere!
  • Compeed is expensive but good Gordon

    I cant wear asics
  • Asics 2100s -left arch blisters. Kayanos -fine. I think it's the poorly made inside of the shoe actually -the rough fabric running vertically down the shoe towards the front of the shoe rubs against the arch.
  • I too had a problem last year with Asics 1090's, when out of the blue any run over 5miles gave me blisters on my arches. I had success with compeed, but it was expensive having to use plasters all the time. In the end whilst in the USA I bought some supportive Superfeet insoles and was recommended cushioned socks (made by a South African company called Balega) I have not had a problem since. I know you can get the insoles here in the UK now, but have you considered getting your foot alignment checked out?
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