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If we've done this before, I apologise.
Inspired by WWRs excellent provoking threads re music of bygone ages... here's my question. In these days of CD-Rs, we can make up our own CDs to inspire us mid run.
What would be on your ideal running CD?

Mine include:-
Madonna - You'll see
Jimmy Nail- Running man ( it's better than it sounds)
Areosmith- don't want to miss a thing.
Boston- more than a feeling

I'm still working on this.

Any lists or ideas???



  • Road to nowhere - Talking Heads
    Always look on the bright side of life - Eric Idle

    Both on my MP3 player at the moment.
  • Born to Run - Springsteen
    R-E-S-E-P-E-C-T - Franklin
    Run Like Hell - Pink Floyd
    Beautiful Day - U2
    Chariots of Fire - Vangelis
    We Are the Champions - Queen
    Don't Stand so Close to Me - The Police
    I will survive - Gloria Gaynor
  • PS

    I'm Still Standing - Elton John

  • I like the idea of the road/running theme.

    Highway to Hell -AC/DC
    Running with The Devil ? - Van Halen
    The Long and Winding Road - Beatles
    Running Up that Hill - Kate Bush
    Running with A Clanger - Jason and the L's
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    Just to let you know that I am not reading any of these postings as I want to go home on time tonight...unlike last week.

    Yours with the blinkers on


    P.S. good luck with this potentially record-breaking thread Barkles
  • I will survive - Gloria Gaynor at top of hill gasping for breath.

    Nice steady pace - White Wedding-Billy Idol
    Treadmill - Incline - Thats the way it is - Run DMC
  • Could add Shakira 'wherever, whenever'. Not a running theme, I know, but memories of the video may keep me going.
  • How about a good bit of Prodigy?
    They're plying Reading Festival on Sunday and I can't get a babysitter...guess we'll have to sit in the back garden and imagine it all instead!!
  • Flashdance (What A Feeling) - Irene Cara
    Ca Plane Pour Moi - Plastic Bertrand
    Wig Wham Bam - sweet

  • Wa hey will - that plastic bertrand record was the first single I ever bought (and I still play it and pogo like a loony!)
  • Fraggle

    They are currently usinging it on the Clarks shoes advert - along with Electric by OMD

  • It's alright by me!

    Fraggle you can't move in Reading at the moment, its hell. They make me feel very very old.
  • Blue Knees

    The rumour is that you “are very old” :o))

  • I've managed to avoid Reading so far - but they've definitely invaded Caversham as well. They don't make me feel old - just a bit jealous as I'd love to be going along too!!
  • Its no rumour WW. I am that old....but luckily still younger than Ratbag. Snigger

    I keep meaning to ask you. What is that in your hand. At first I thought it was a cigar.
  • Road to Hell - Chris Rea

    This always comes to mind on a long run
  • Blue Knees

    You the second person on this forum to think I was smoking – It is actually a very large Greek Brandy with coke – the picture was take on holiday in Tsivilya (Spelling ??) in Zante

  • My choice would be:
    Obsessions - BeeGees
    Show Me Heaven - Maria McKee
    Kiss The Rain - Billie Myers
    Feel It - The Temperer Feat,Maya
    I will Survive - Gloria Gayner
    Give me a little more time - Gabrielle
    Northern Skyline - Clannad
  • Elvis vs JXL "little less conversation"
    The Smiths "Charmless Man"
    Totally addicted to bass ( dont know)
    Last train to transcentral KLF
  • If you want to run at the same pace for a hole run – how about a compilation of tracks by:

    Status Quo ;o)

  • I can recommend:

    Blur "on your own" (esp remix on "the beach" ost)
    the soundtrack to the movie Pi (strange movies - good music)
    One step Closer - Linkin Park
    close to the edge - art of noise..

    I am lucky enough to have been bought a minidisc player - can thoroughly recommend them as they are jog-resistant and smaller than CD players (but alas not as small as MP3 - but then my machine takes about a week to down load the RW home page - I dont hold out much hope for files over 1MB!)

  • can belive we haven't had the theme from rocky yet

    eye of the tiger by........survivor

    other than that, i've run to music so can't comment.is it any good?
  • wwr I find it helps keep me going on longer runs - esp when doing treadmill work.. thinking about it, I use music when I don't have the most stimulating routes to run, or am running laps - haven't needed to use it recently as I have just moved and am discovering a new area...

    I also find that when recording something for a run, if I mix up the speed of the music I tend to mix up my pace - again just to keep my interest up.

  • On the treadmill at the gym, where you can choose from about a dozen selections they offer, I've found that the Ibiza-type rave music is great. No idea who its by or what its really called but the constant and fast pace really seems to work for me.

    But after I've finished running I'd leap for the off switch if it came on my radio.

    Ca plane pour moi brought memories flooding back by the way. School discos, bacardi and coke, safety pins in my jeans. What a time. If I was loading up a minidisc now I'd either go for a compilation of early stuff by Jam, Stranglers, Clash or else go completely the other way and fill it with Salsa by someone like Joe Arroyo.
  • Waapster, my gym is the same, wouldn't give it air space in my car, but on the tredmill it's great for pace.

    I like anything by Madonna (dance stuff especially) or even a bit of Savage Garden (completely different I know!).
  • KLF, now there's a rave from the past. Bought it for mini Barkles years ago, it used to make her dance in her room when she thought no-one was looking.
    Need to add:-
    Boys of summer - Don Henley - great on a November evening.
    Olivers Army- Elvis Costello
    Fugees - anything from The Score
    Australia-The Manics
  • The mind boggles at the possibilities!! You could have specific music groups to suit your running length and speed:

    200 metres: So Solid Crew: 21 Seconds

    Marathon: Res: 700 Mile Situation

    General distance run: Supergrass: Moving

    Painful run: Massive Attack: Unfinished Sympathy

    Seasonal: Earth, Wind and Fire: September

    Weather: Aora: Out of the Rain

    And so on!

  • There is clearly an age issue here.
    Dayla is clearly from an age I was too old to visit. Apart from Earth Wind and Fire.

    Burce ( yes Burce -apparently his parents mis- spelled his name on his birth certificate)Springsteen - Philadelphia.
  • Depending on the pace of the run:

    The Cure: A Forest
    Joy Division: She's Lost Control
    or The Only Mistake
    Radiohead: In Limbo

    - alternatively, when on the run from hell, Radiohead's "Just" - if only because of the refrain:
    "You do it to yourself you do
    and that's what really hurts
    You do it to yourself you do
    you and no-one else
    You do it to yourself"
  • As today is my birthday, a very good friend gave me a pedometer which plays 7 different tunes, and the tempo the the tune is determined by how fast you run!!!

    I think this is the new must for all runner. I am itching to give it a try on my long run tomorrow.
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