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  • I agree with
    The Cure: A Forest
    Manics: Australia
    But what about:
    Haunted When The Minuets Drag [Love & Rockets] For the last few miles of the marathon.
    So Alive [Love & Rockets]
    The Unforgettable Fire [U2] the whole CD
  • Happy Birthday SB

    Bat Out of Hell is the classic to run to,together with Born to Run.
  • Can't asy I use music when out running the streets, must get that sorted, but for the treadmill, particularly a tough interval session, I tend to opt either for something fairly sort of ambient that I can just get lost in, or alternatively something with lots of energy, which can mean either guitar stuff or some sort of dance stuff. Much of the stuff mentioned above sounds great, a few of my favourites off the gym machine include:

    Chemical Brothers - Block Rocking Beat
    Ash - Burn Baby Burn (must stop playing air guitar to this at 16kph on the treadmill, it's dangerous!)
    U2 - Two Hearts
    Nickelback - How you remind me
    Planet Funk - Chase the Sun (always reminds me of the Cocteau Twins)
    Radiohead are good too, especially a faster one like "Ripcord"

  • Happy Birthday SB!!!

    PPK - Resurrection - all three versions of it
    The Flash Dance soundtrack
    The Miami Vice CD which includes the Damned 'Dulce in Decorum' and Jackson' Browns 'Lives in the Balance' (I used to have this back to back on a cassette in the car with FlashDance and once played them constantly for 5 hours when I was really tired - they got me home - but I'd never listen to them at any other time!)
    Anything with a beat of >120
  • Happy Birthday SB!

    Remember the Sony Walkman? When I first got one in...erm '86..I would run to the whole Graceland album (Paul Simon).
  • Many happy returns SB, how many bumps would be in order?
  • Happy Birthday SB,
    Sorry if it looks like I faild to mention this before but your message was'nt posted when I first looked & included mine. Yet yours is above mine!

    How about 'Dead Men Walking'
    Ex The Alarm, Mike Peters
    Ex The Mighty Wah, Pete Wylie
    Ex Sex Pistols, Glen Matlock
    Ex Spear Of Destiny, Kirk Brandon
    Not music to run to but music to fire you up.
    It works for me!!!!!!!
  • Hi Barkles,

    In the interest of non-fraudulent forum-ing, I have to confess that my music list might give a deceptive picture of my relative 'youth'. Actually, as I am a musicologist, I have to learn about the current music scene because of students who keep handing in dissertations on 'The Evolution of House Music in the U.K.' and that sort of thing. Also, as I spend a lot of time in the gym, it sort of soaks into the brain. Resistance is futile.

    All that said, you can't really run to the tunes of Gustav Mahler!

    But I am surprised that mini Barkles is not keeping you in tune with the latest trends!? Perhaps you have all that to look forward to!

    Mazeltov on your birthday, Swiss.

  • Dalya
    Yes Mini Barkles does keep us up with some modern stuff, but S club 7 and boy bands like Blue aren't my thing really.
    More lately I'm into acoustic stuff like crowded house and Sting - unplugged albums.
    Desperate not to turn into my parents who detested my records tho, so mini gets to play her crap without me whinging too much !
  • Barkles
    I think I'd rather listen to s club 7 than my eldest son's music, something called Hard House Euphoria. The actual music is very good, it's the words off some of the tracks, enough to make sure the windows are closed or he wears head phones!
  • Run Baby Run - Sheryl Crow
  • She sells sanctuary
  • Following on from the 70's triple album thread, I've just bought the (new) album by that well-known band Spock's Beard. A triple CD set with an astonishing total running time of 2 hours 45 minutes.

    Methinks there's a challenge in there - i.e. to start listening at the start of a marathon and aim to finish before the end....errr...if you see what I mean.

  • anyone know any 4 and a half hour albums?
  • Leonard Cohen always does it for me. But then I am a lazy git.
  • Happy birthday SB!
    U2 - Where the streets have no name - Intro bit fantastic!
    (Whispers - S Club - Reach)
    New Radicals - You Give What You Get
    M People - Search For The Hero
    Heather Small - Proud
    Lighthouse Family - Lifted (+ that other one!)
    Robbie Williams - Let Me Entertain You
    Bill Withers - Lovely Day
    Queen - You're My Best Friend
  • Simon do you mean that Lighthouse family on e that goes
    One day I'm going to get so high?, even the impossible is easy co swe giot each otherm one day i'm going to be so high?

    Yeah, I like that one , bit can't remember what its called.
  • And the waward for the crapest typing of the thread goes to......

  • Simon F
    This is going to seriously bug me and you are to blame.

    PS where's that photot of you with blue hair gone? Christ mate it was about the only one making me persevere with this badger photo. You have a duty to yourself and your chums to continue this. put it back!
  • Sorry on all counts Barkle!
    Photo should be reinstated soon!!
    (My wife saw it and said I looked like a murderer!!)
  • PS Have no idea what the lyrics are that you've quoted - the one I'm thinking of was used in a car advert recently (Renault?)- is this the same one?
    And my crap typing missed an "s" off of your name last time - sorry!
  • Barkles, SimonF

    The Lighthouse Family song is actually called High

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